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  1. hello, I created a maze from a boxes and i have problem with fps, when I create Maze 25x25 boxes fps goes very low. boxes are created out of matrix with 0 and 1 so it is a O(n^2). Can fps go up? [indent=1] for (int j = 0; j < _creator.Height; j++) { [indent=1] for (int i = 0; i < _creator.Width; i++) { world = Matrix.CreateTranslation(4 * i - 20, 5, 4 * j - 20) * Matrix.CreateRotationZ(40); if (maze[j, i] == 0) { modelBatch.Begin(viewMatrix, projectionMatrix); modelBatch.DrawPrimitive(new Cube(GraphicsDevice, 4.0f), world, primitiveEffect); modelBatch.End(); [indent=1] } [indent=1]for Cube I used Nine 3d engin
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