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  1. Hi everyone, Intel is hosting Touch & Sensor Technology Roadshow 2012 for the UK in our Swindon Office on the 6th of November! If you are keen on finding out all the fantastic new oppourtunites that Ultrabooks bring then be sure to come along! [quote] [color=#0099ff][b] Sensor-based Solutions for Developers and Independent Software Vendors[/b][/color] Join Intel at this 2012 Sensor Technology Roadshow and discover a wealth of new opportunities on touch-screen Ultrabook™ devices that incorporate new Intel sensor technologies for Ultrabook™. Touch technology and sensors - a revolution for Ultrabook™ devices These intimate workshops offer savvy ISVs insight into developing sensor-based programs for Ultrabook™ devices. Intel is giving developers a heads-up in this unique roadshow event to boost productivity and demonstrate the incredible applications that you can develop using sensors and the new, enhanced sensor hub technologies introduced on 2012 Ultrabook™ devices. It is a good time to differentiate your company as a leading developer and take advantage of all the extras that touch and more-integrated and responsive sensors offer. [/quote] [url="https://sensor-technology-roadshow.com/"][img]https://sensor-technology-roadshow.com/images/Take_Part_Button_330x65.jpg[/img][/url] [size=2][url="https://sensor-technology-roadshow.com/"]https://sensor-techn...y-roadshow.com/[/url][/size]
  2. Video-games events in UK

    Checkout meetup.com too, usually lot's of good events there!
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