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  1. AutoCad/CAD Software

    Architecture, primarily 2D
  2. AutoCad/CAD Software

    Yeah I checked out AutoCad...needless to say, I won't be building the Coliseum. Aside from the fact that it targets professional civil engineers, I don't have the time/resources to learn the program and make a design in 30 days. I am currently trying out Chief Architect X4. It seems to offer a decent balance of user friendliness and depth of features/program capabilities.
  3. AutoCad/CAD Software

    Does anyone have a decent working knowledge of the CAD programs out there? I'm looking for one to do a business/office plan, and tried out a few but no winner yet. TurboFloorPlan 3D Home/Landscape - Tried out the demo, v14, and it was very XP-ish with oddly configured controls (ie it was a pain to rotate objects). The program in general didn't seem very well thought out. The price report feature was the only thing I really liked. The BHG Home Designer Suite 6.0 seemed better, more intuitive interface and controls, larger selection of objects. Still a home targeted product, didn't offer a whole lot for the more business side of things. What have you guys used and what do you recommend? I know AutoCad is the big name and costs a pretty penny, so I'm looking for any worthwhile products that support business designs and layouts without having to design every object myself. Thanks and happy coding
  4. Airline Business Simulation

    Hey guys, check out this game that I am working on with 2 other people...it is an airline/business simulation. It is completely open source and we are updating it on a daily basis. We need some aviation enthusiasts to try the game out and give us some feedback. We work hard to make sure that each commit to subversion is just as playable as the current version. [url="http://www.theairline.dmvshore.com"]www.theairline.dmvshore.com[/url] (Download is hosted on the forum) Also, check out the help wanted section. I am currently looking for 2-3 dedicated testers to help with finding and reporting bugs, new ideas for features, and fleshing out new/existing features to make them even better.