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  1. 3D engine with no programming required?

    Hmm. Well thank's everyone for your input. I have tried unity but for whatever reason I didn't care for the interface and didn't use it very extensively. Blender is absolutely the most confusing program I've ever bothered with... almost gives me a headache to think about trying to learn actually. ;) I've played around with leadwerks and I was very impressed with what I saw, particularly the physics system! I suppose I'd best stick with darkbasic just because I already know it fairly well. But I can definitely envision a future where artists will have a programming free option! Isn't UDK only available to big name companies for commercial projects?
  2. Hi all. I doubt such a thing exists, at least not how I'd like it, but I assume I stand a better chance of finding out if I ask, so here I am. I usually use darkbasic, because I really hate programming and it's always seemed the easiest solution to me. But lately I've been getting burned out on game making just from the bit of coding I have to do in that. I'm primarily a graphics guy, and I'm looking to make a king's field (first person precursor to dark souls) kind of game, and I need an engine that can give me real time lighting with shadows, bump mapping, and good collision detection. Ideally I'd like to be able to import my levels, set up my lights (with one light locked to the camera position) and walk around. Is there anything even close to what I'm describing (also ideally, I'd like to be able to potentially sell the game when it's finished)? Thanks for reading, I'm sure this sort of question comes up all too often.
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