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  1. Facial Recognition with C#

    Thanks for you the information, and I know that it isn't simple I just didn't need some overly complicated CIA type recognition. c:
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone one knows where I can find some tutorials on creating a simple facial recognition software with C#.
  3. C++ Books

    I am currently reading C++ Through Game Programming, and since my birthday is tomorrow, I thinking of getting some c++ books, or something of that nature and would like to ask for some recommendations.
  4. Initializing a variable

    Thanks for the info, now I have to average but without a decimal vaule, I thought using double instead of int here double score4 = (score1 + score2 + score3)/ 3;   would make it send out an average with decimals but it hasn't.
  5. Initializing a variable

    Thanks, I wasn't thinking about it linear so I didn't see the problem in the begining.
  6. Initializing a variable

    I'm trying to make a program that takes three scores from the user then averages them, I think I almost have it down except that Im getting an error about not initializing one of my variables but I don't know where the problem lies. //Game Score Average //Program that gets three game scores from user and displays the average #include <iostream> using std::cout; using std::cin; using std::endl; int main() { int score1, score2, score3; int score4 = score1 + score2 + score3; //First score input cout << "Enter a number:"; cin >> score1; //Second score input cout << "Enter a second number:"; cin >> score2; //Third Score input cout << "Enter a third number:"; cin >> score3; //Three scores averaged cout << score4; cout << "\n"; system ("pause"); return 0; }    
  7. Learning By Doing vs Learning By Reading

    My first thought went I read your reply is "Well, maybe I should start looking for some general programming." But then I stop and think, I might just end up where I am now, trying to read an book and constantly losing interest probably because Its not the way I learn.
  8. Learning By Doing vs Learning By Reading

    You may be right about me calculating this approach to learning, only because that was the best solution I found to learning, or attempt to understand c++. My frustration is not with programming or anything like that but with what I myself view as a lack of progress, maybe from someone else's prospective i'm doing totally fine, but i feel like I'm not getting anywhere, that is wear my frustration lies, I am totally motivated to learn, I just don't know what approach to take, and the current one I am following just bores me to death. On the flip side I feel like my not competent enough to approach coding on my own, because I still feel like a totally nub. Maybe I'm over-thinking this but I feel that if I keep doing it that way I am currently doing it I will never get anywhere.
  9. Learning By Doing vs Learning By Reading

    I have reached an impasse, or what I consider an impasse, I am currently reading Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, Third Edition by Michael Dawson, and I can't read more then a few pages before I have to put it down again. It took me about two weeks just to get through Chapter 1 Types, Variables, and Standard I/O: Lost Fortune.   Its not that I'm a bad reader, on the contrary  I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows in a Weeknight front to back, but I just can't seem to read this book. So my question is, can I learn programming from reading and doing the example projects, or should I switch to doing my own projects and referencing to the book and the internet when I reach a problem.   This has become a really big problem for me as I'm a very fast learner (I'm Currently taking AP Classes and AICE) and my lack of progress, or what i perceive to be lack of progress, is really frustrating me, and the more frustrated I get the less I want to read the book, and the longer it will ever take for me to master this or any language in general. I would really like some feedback on this issue as I have read some topics on this and still haven't decided by myself.
  10. Where to find resources for 3D modeling?

    Sorry for not specifying, I looking for concept art for humanoids, spaceships, creatures, and things like that. I really just want to find a website that offers free concept are or blueprints in 3 perspectives for modeling. I'm not an expert so i can't model something from only one view.
  11. Where to find resources for 3D modeling?

    I wanted to ask if there was some resource out there with concept art, or something similar to it, that could be used for 3D modeling that has a top, side, and front view of the drawing.
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