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  1. In my OpenGL 2D application, i have a number of objects on screen and their coordinate values are based on my systems resolution. How do i optimize their positions for all resolutions? I mean, i want them to be independent of any particular screen size, so that they stay at proportionate distances on any screen, as designed during development.Are there any functions which can take care of the matter?
  2. The application performed just fine under Windows XP on the same system. So i doubt if its the driver support issue which is causing the bug..
  3. I have made an OpenGL based game program for windows platform using Visual C++(Express edition 2008). i'm using GLUT. Now that the project is complete, the next step is to create a standalone installer for any windows based system. Can anyone give me an insight into the details i should know while creating installer packages? >> Is it possible to generate the setup file using Visual Studio itself? >>How do i include the visual studio redistributable package in the setup? >>While testing the project on a Windows 7 system, the program continuously crashed saying "APPCRASH/ faulting module openGL32.dll". I tried replacing the opengl32.dll file with previous versions but didn't work. Tried teinstalling the OpenGL, even reinstalled the drivers (Intel 82945G Express chipset) ,but the bug persists.
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