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  1. Help, teaching 12-13 year olds to code

    Just a comment... for someone who boasts online about being in the the top 20% of intellects in the country... you seem to have bad spelling and grammar... just an observation. I think c# is a bit too much for the age group. I would teach them python like they said above so the children can see the results while they learn the basics. It will keep their interest.
  2. Language selection help for 2D beat em up

    thanks ill look into this stuff for a few days and if i have any more questions ill check back with the site. Super helpful community thanks guys!
  3. Language selection help for 2D beat em up

    [quote name='jbadams' timestamp='1346721801' post='4976257'] and what is your target platform? Do you just want to get this running on PC (I'd recommend it for a first project!), or are you interested in mobile platforms, or do you want a game that runs in a web-browser? [/quote] yeah we will probably have it on PC to start. eventually we would like to get it on some sort of console or handheld device i guess.
  4. Language selection help for 2D beat em up

    Well I started with QBasic and turing learned C# and C++ later in high school and college. I learned .NET, SQL and a few others where as my friend knows java, turing, and a little C++. we both know xhtml. I dont consider myself a great programmer but I am able to learn quickly as Ive made a wide breadth of programs over my lifetime. I will admit I'm no game programmer... yet. But I am great at designing levels and deep stories. My friend is really good at mechanics and how the game will play, and we both can see exactly what the game will look and feel like. I have a musician as a brother who has custom made all the music already and is working on the sounds. We dont have a professional artist yet but are planning to hire one in the next 6-8 months once we get the whole idea on paper in its entirety with a crude storyboard to give the artist a feel for the environment we are looking for we are going to have interviews. thanks for all the info guys if you have any other tips please let me know I appreciate everything. I've been doing electronics for so long im like out of the loop. its been about 6 years since i sat down and wrote any code freelance. Its really fun to get back into it after so long.
  5. I am an experienced Electronics Engineering technician with a fairly strong background in programming, I took programming classes all through high school and even took a few years of programmer/systems analyst in college before switching to electronics. Recently an old friend of mine from my childhood has looked me up and it seems he has taken a year of programming in college and has an idea for a good 2D beat em up game. We have always dreamed of making video games since we were kids and now that we are both 24+ and have the skills and capacity to actually make our game we have gotten back into working together and have come up with some pretty original and exiting ideas for our game. The problem is we both use different languages and techniques cause we went to different schools in different countries. I am not experienced with game design as I have only ever made pong or arknoid back in high school. I still have a lot of researching to do. My friend on the other hand seems to know a bit more about the industry. With all that said on to the game stuff. We plan on making a beat em up style game with a lot of mini games and items. large story lines and areas with live instrument music. we want the graphics to be similar to later m.a.m.e. beat em ups or almost like a super nintendo or GBA style but better. We just dont know what language we should both learn together to start making the game. many websites say python, or xna with c++. some say c#. I dont want to waste my time learning a language that is way too complicated for our needs. Can anyone point me in the right direction of which languages are best for a metal slug/streets of rage beat em up with a long story? the game is not online mmo or anything like that.