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    Creating background art

    It seems after some research that the more accepted way to do things are to have the game itself draw the maps from tiles, which makes sense. I'll continue looking into how to do that. If a mod sees this, please close the thread
  2. zephyr4020

    Creating background art

    Hi, I'm looking for make a 2D RPG game using the Dark GDK in C++. I feel comfortable with all the backend programming of things but I'm in need of a bit of advice when it comes to the art. I can find sprites to use simply enough through google, but I'm wondering on how to go about creating the backgrounds (tilesets, levels, not sure how exactly how to refer to them). I've found tile sets which seem to have 8x8 building blocks that can create backgrounds. My issue is how to go about putting things together. I could use paint or something of the like to painfully copy and paste things together, but I'm assuming there has to be a better option than that. Also, it seems like RPG Maker XP can make use of tilesets, is it possible to output the graphics from that program for external use? Thank you for your help.
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