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  1. wayneprim

    Building my Own Server, Help

    Also, I think for this first project I may just go with using something like SmartFox. However, I do want to learn more about building my own "Smart Fox" as a learning experience. Where can I start for this?
  2. wayneprim

    Building my Own Server, Help

    Thanks for the info. I am going to look into that. One game I really love and have wondered how they do their networking is Slither.io on mobile... I know it started as a web based game but how do they make a mobile game like that so smooth?
  3. wayneprim

    Building my Own Server, Help

    I will be making a game that has 15-25 players fighting against each other in real time in 2D. (Fist Fighting) The game will run on ios and later android..
  4. I have been hearing a ton about building your own servers to create networked real time multiplayer games. However, I am a complete beginner to this and would like to know where I can start... I have good experience in node.js/express/socket.io and creating games in unity... so I get the basic concepts and am somewhat familiar with what servers do but I don't know how one would even go about creating a server (writing a server)... Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!!
  5. I want to build a real-time multiplayer game using nodejs as a backend and preferrably socket.io. I have had a very tough time researching anything reliable online on what the best ways to perform this are as well as the pros and cons of it. Could someone point me in the right direction? I am open to as many other options as well. The thing I like about the idea of using nodejs is that it is something I am familiar with and I find it can be very fast and light weight. But does it integrate well with unity and mobile? Where should I go as a resource to learn more about servers and multiplayer game development in general? Its also important to note that I have tried out Photon as well as UNET and I do enjoy them but I am looking for other options... Anyway, thanks in advance. Looking forward to seeing your responses.
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