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  1. Hi, I am developing a commercial mmo game for the first time, and instead of writing my own game server, I am looking at using a 3rd party or open source ones. The game is a mmo board game similar to poker, each room/table will have 100 players playing against each other simultaneously. Some of the game logic will be in the server, and some in the client side. I have done some research, didn't seem to find anything reliable in the open source land for commercial use. currently looking at Photon from https://www.exitgames.com/ and SmartFoxServer. Also have come across ulink from MuchDifferent.com. Planning to host it on Amazon EC2 coz I am mostly familiar with it. Does anyone have any experience with these 3rd party mmo game servers? it's probably hard to compare them side by side, but I would still like to hear any experience of using them. what matters most to me would be easiness-to-use, performance, easiness-to-scale-horizontally, documentation, tech support. Mo Son
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