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  1. Kylotan, thank you very much for your reply! Actualy this is already a disussion I was hoping for . I'm not a game-dev professional myself, but I'm interested in it and would like get a clear picture of what is realy going on. Without considering points of view of other competent people I will be just blinded by my own believes that do not necessarily reflect reality.     I was talking specifically about mobile games, and it seems to me that most people got used to approach of paying for the whole game at once, and now the focus is changing to in-game purchases (as discussed by the article at forbes.com mentioned above).   Probably I also had to be more specific when talking about pros/cons - I meant particularly the developer's (or publisher's, if applicable) point of view.   P.S. many thanks for links - I'm going to check them soon.
  2. Hi guys! I was observing this place for a while and now I'd like to discuss something with you.   Looks like for a mobile game to have millions of downloads is not yet a commercial success. As discussed by the article (see the link below) in-game purchase systems often generate more revenue than one-off payments for downloading a game, and it’s a trend already.  http://www.forbes.com/sites/terokuittinen/2013/03/06/rovios-revenue-crisis-and-the-app-market-evolution/ If you are using an in-game purchasing, then (assuming the game itself is free to download and play) you allow gamers to get involved right away. If gamers get familiar with the gameplay, fascinated by characters or attracted by any game element used in the game, their willingness to pay is probably increasing. In contrast to that – user’s willingness to pay for downloading a game might be lower, as they did not experience it yet and maybe do not even know what to expect from it. Another good point is that in-game purchasing allows user to spend smaller amount of money comparing to payment for app download. It is easier to say bye to 10 cents than to 10 dollars even taking into account the value that you get in each case (i.e. some perks in one case and complete game in another). Moreover if a person makes at least one in-game payment, then it might be easier for them to make another one, especially if they really enjoyed their first purchase.  At least such is my opinion and it would be really interesting to compare it to what industry professionals think. Thanks a lot!  
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