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  1. kezz

    Remote console output

    I'm sure netcat would be able to do this. Try searching google for it.
  2. kezz

    Full Build

    Put any dll's in the same folder as the executable. Windows checks there first afaik. Then run the packager. kezz
  3. using tags would make your posts more readable. (As this thread could potentially get pretty long. kezz
  4. kezz

    MMORPG and Java

    I wouldn't worry about the servers until you have a working application and an expanding userbase. A standard desktop development machine will be sufficient at this stage for testing and limited numbers of users.
  5. kezz

    Java Graphics

    Try the java game tutorials here
  6. Personally I would go with the traditional CS degree as it doesn't force you into a certain career path yet. In my opinion you will not completely know what you want to do as a career until after college and by choosing the game development degree you are forcing yourself down a narrow path. The CS degree could still get you a game programming job but also leaves other doors open. HTH kezz
  7. Well I guess they mean sockets programming. Try beej's socket's programming buide here for C/C++ and the java tutorial on for Java sockets. Java sockets are imho easier to use as a lot of the underlying network layer is abstracted from you. kezz
  8. ping
  9. kezz

    to change windows as game console

    Try linuxfromscratch and create a bootable distro with you game on it? You could also modify knoppix/morphix I guess.
  10. kezz

    Packeting and Tokenizing TCP/IP

    You could write a Packet class and then serialize it and send it over the wire that way. This assumes you are using a language that supports this of course. kezz
  11. kezz

    In Iraq..... no equipment

    You could get/buy a shell account and use that to compile/edit sourcecode. You would be using all the tools provided on the machine where your shell account was hosted so you wouldn't have to install anything.
  12. a project reference (the 3rd tab)
  13. Hi, I am currently working with on a project for college. I started with a blank solution and added a new class library project to it. I then coded some classes and then added another class library project to the same solution. The second class library uses the first as a reference. Both projects are set to generate a separate .xml build file (in their own bin/Debug folder) to parse with NDoc. Now when I build the solution I sometimes get the following warning concerning the .xml build files. If I then close VS and restart it and then build the warning doesn't show until I've done some more coding and try to rebuild. Z:\blah blah blah: The file Z:\blah blah blah cannot be copied to the run directory. Access is denied. The copy local property of the reference is set to true. How do I avoid this warning from appearing. Cheers kezz
  14. Most GPS devices I believe use RS232 to communicate (serial). I am currently using a Pocket PC for an instrumentation project and have found the SerialTools library for .NET CF from to be pretty good and reasonable priced (if you're a student email him and you'll get a discount, 20% if I remember). Also check out SerialIO for some useful info. Cheers kezz
  15. kezz

    NET Tutorials

    It's not a tutorial but "Programming Microsoft .NET" by Jeff Prosis from Microsoft Press (ISBN 0-7356-1376-1) is pretty good. The first half of the book is probably the most relevant giving an in depth look at the Framework and the later going on to more ASP .NET in the latter half. See if your library has a copy. kezz
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