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  1. Thanks everybody for answering, though it seems we got a bit off topic on some issues. Back when I was 12 years old I had some programming experience with c++ for about a year and I was doing pretty good. I don't consider it difficult for a beginner as long as everything it's properly explained.Anyway it's better then some schools where they teach you pascal or something you have small chances of working on. However I haven't done any programming, apart for some JS quick fix, for the last 4 years since I've been into design and music. After reading your answers, I was thinking of starting with C++ and OpenGL (by the way, is OpenGl used for 2D, 3D or both?), then probably Python, might as well web develop since I occasionally design for web developers, and then I'll look into java. It's that a good method/order of learning? Also, what are some good resources for C++ and OpenGL?
  2. [quote name='6677' timestamp='1346954606' post='4977291'] OSX is mostly the same as the windows languages actually. All of the above will support C++ but making a cross platform app in C++ is no easy task. The only other option for 1 language across all devices listed is the mono framework (mostly C# and although to use mono on android or iOS costs $399 each. [/quote] Well making cross platform apps will be great but that's not really the point for this topic. Maybe I wasn't clear enough My question is what should I learn in order to be able to write for all this platforms?( not referring to the same app) What are the market standards. For example if I were to learn Java I would have good job opportunities here in Italy ( as opposed to c++) but is Java also widely used for apple's systems? Is C Objective worth learning? do companies developing iOS, OsX software only look for people knowing objective C? Has python got any market share? is it worth learning and how used is it on other system apart from linux and windows? What about libraries? 2d, 3d?
  3. Hi guys! I'm getting into programming and my long term goals are to develop games and other kinds of software for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS X. I know on Windows you can use whatever and same goes for Linux though C++, Python or Java seem to be the ones. I understand that on osX and iOS they are using Objective C but I'm not sure about this one [img][/img] And on android is mostly Java. I'm not sure about what I've said and I'm looking to be told what languages and graphical libraries I should learn to be able to write games and apps for these platforms by learning only the minimum nr of languages. Also i'm a bit into web development and was wondering if Python is any good for web and if it's worth learning for game development?