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  1. Hello, I am working on a game (starting to program and converting art to 3D). But before I even touch the completion of my game, a big question came to mind. I do not have a company and do I need to have a company to publish my first game independently? This is more for the Europe /Belgian people. Is there anywhere I can find the laws about this, or can I just publish the game without having a "one man company" registered to the officials and just pay the needed taxes from the money that I earned for it? (this is all hypothetically since the chances are big that it is gonna be free to play.) And although this game might become free, I still want to know this kind of information for further projects. I don't know if this thread is posted right, but if its not please notice me so I can replace it. Greetings Mark sneak peak in the first level design: [attachment=11845:room sketch1.jpg]
  2. Yiynova in Europe?

    No one?
  3. Yiynova in Europe?

    I am a student in search of a cheap (around or lower than 500€) Wacom Cintiq alternative. I have found the Yiynova 10.1 HD on amazon, but unfortunately it doesn't ship to Europe. My second option would be the Hanvon Sentip 1201WD, but that one comes around 800€. Still cheaper than the cintiq tough. The thing is I can't find anywhere a webstore where you can buy one. I am studying game design (concept and modeling, level building) and such a tool would come handy in manny way's. Anyone who lives in Europe and has managed to purchase one? By prefer the Yiynova 10.1 HD.
  4. The lengt of a story.

    Well, the thing is. I am planning that the whole gameplay is the story. The player himself is witness of everything the story is about. I'm not planning to use any cutscenes. The whole story is interactive, yes. But not in the way of mass effect. Think more in the way of the penumbra series/ (if any of you are familiar with them.) At the moment I am working on my own for creating the art, programming. I got quit some knowledge in UDK as in Unity3D, so I am planning to create it in eater one of those. Thanks for all your reply's, it really helped setting my mark on how to go further with my writing. greetings.
  5. The lengt of a story.

    Hello all. At the moment I am writing my first story for my very first game. Only thing is, I have no idea how many page's i should write. At the moment I am still on 9, there are many more to come. But should i put a limit on it? Because there is incredibly much going on in my head for my story and it all follows up like it should. I only fear that if I keep writing it in that order My story gets to long. Is there any recommendation of how many page's I should write, or should I just keep going and let the story decide when it is enough? greetings Mark from belgium.
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