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  1. i just recently search about good api creator and found this QT very interesting and now downloading. thank you for the reply very much appreciated :)
  2. do you think WIN32 API is good for windows application?
  3. thanks for the answer Such1 and kauna, now im just wondering how can i improve the game graphics smoothness. I have really no idea where it should update or something.
  4. I see so if i update my DirectX9 codes to DirectX11 is it the one who handles graphics enhancements?
  5. thanks for the answer. Do SDK affects game graphics also?
  6. will i receive errors in my source code if i update my SDK? my current SDK is december 2005 and seems it's too outdated and i want to update it to june 2010 will i receive errors if i compile my solution?
  7. Can anyone help me upon loading skeleton x file in a specific frame of a specific x file? assumes that skeleton x file name is body.x and consisting of frames Neck Upper spine Lower spine and i want to load a skeleton x file name weapon.x on frame Upper Spine.. do you think this is possible? add me up YM - jacknbiecdr