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  1. If you're interested in Rising Empires now is the time to buy. We have a Christmas sale and have cut the price of Rising Empires Premium with 40% (now $1.99)! We want to celebrate the festive season and the recent update with new graphics and features like road building. [attachment=19171:forumpost.png] Check it out at Google Play!
  2. Hi,   I’ve previously written about the development of Rising Empires here at the forums. We’re happy to announce that the full game now has been released on Google Play. The game comes in two versions; Rising Empires which is free and ad-supported and Rising Empires Premium with additional content. The premium features two additional playable races, the fast breeding Krant and the versatile Dwarves.   Rising Empires Premium is a new strategy game in a fantasy setting with six playable races, all with unique abilities, which compete for control of all the land on the Surface and in the Netherworld. A unique troop creation system allows each empire to design its own troop types to employ in the struggle for dominance. Four neutral factions also struggle to survive among the larger empires.   The game has been in an open beta stage during the last few months and has been well received by the players. At the time of writing the beta version is installed on 5,060 devices and has been downloaded 1,716 times. Many reviewers compare the game to classics like Civilization and Total War. One player writes: “Exactly the type of game I’ve been hoping for.” The average rating is 3.9.   On our blog, Words from the Netherlords there are a number of tutorials that gives a more detailed explanation of the game mechanics. We really hope you’ll enjoy Rising Empires!
  3. Join the Rising Empires beta test

    It’s only six days left until the release of Rising Empires and we’re just about finished with all the new features and improvements for the premium version. Just a few hours ago I uploaded the final version of my code (AI and what we call the process methods) and Johan completed the last improvements for the GUI yesterday. We’ll still polish the game until the very end but we’ve added all the stuff that we intended for the release. We’re very excited to hear your response to the last features we’ve added and also how you like the insectoid Krant and the Dwarf races.   Among the last things I fixed was improving how the AI value the strength of it’s armies when it prepares to attack an enemy town. Now it will build extra companies if it believes that the enemy town is very well defended, before it sometimes sent conquest armies that where to weak even when it was sent off.   While working with this improvement I also found a very irritating bug. It seemed that when the AI compared if there is a path between two locations in the same region it always failed if both locations were the same. This just happened to have a big influence when it came to making use of all its army reserves since it always tried to locate its largest army reserve and when it would pick companies from the reserve it could no longer see that it was connected to its target location. Anyway, when I fixed this error the formerly very big army reserves that some AIs built up decreased in size as they now send them to do mischief instead.   Read more at the Words from the Netherlords.
  4. Using genetic algorithms to 'train' my AI

    I've completed the third part of my tests to see if I can improve my AI with the help of genetic algorithms. If you're interested it can (as usual) be found at my blog. Training the Elf and Ende races didn't give as good results as did the Greenskins...
  5. Join the Rising Empires beta test

    One dangeroues mistake you might do as a developer is that you find your own GUI easy and logical while in truth it's a really tough nut to crack. The last week we doubled the number of players in our beta test but since many of them are less fanatical 4x players there seems that many don't understand how the game works. In a way it's really good that we learn this now and not when we release the game next month.   Now we're working to make the GUI more informative and more intuitive. I've attached a couple of screenshots of the new GUI. It's still a WIP but it shows what we are aiming at...   Cheers!
  6. Using genetic algorithms to 'train' my AI

    Yes, I let the winner from each generation pass to the next generation unaltered. Sometimes I see a 'freak' AI win a single game and in the next generation the winner looks more normal again. I'll soon publish the next part, it's written but I must proofread the text before I publish it.