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  1. Hi all, I am attempting to use PhysX to add efficient soft body, cloth and fluid simulation to our next game project. Unfortunately, I can only find good sample source code for all of the above on the 2.8 branch of SDK. Has the 3.0 code rewrite of PhysX removed support for the above? How come no good sample source code can be found for the above? Hence my question: if one is to insert into a game the above features, is one better to stick around the 2.8 PhysX SDK? Many thanks! Dan
  2. Hi all, May I obtain the forum's recommendations on 'the best' PhysX-based game engine that features efficient / optimized utilization of Physx's impressive softbody, fluid and cloth performance? (I would use UDK but its terms are too limiting for our team) Currently I'm favoring Unity 3D but 1) its softbody has many problems, 2) fluids over 500 particles are very slow and 3) even a single sheet of cloth is all you'd put in a game... clearly not all wrappers around PhysX are created the same! So which of the many game engines is truly built around an efficient multi-threaded implementation around PhysX? (a nice list of game engines featuring PhysX integration is found at [url="http://physxinfo.com/index.php?p=wrp"]http://physxinfo.com/index.php?p=wrp[/url]) Any hint or past experience in getting good softbody would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Dan,
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