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    Congratulations :)!
  2. GiftCardExchangeBot v2.0 Was Just Released!
  3. Hello all! It's been a while (scratch that, a long time) since I've posted, or even been active on gamedev.net! Why? Because of Computer Science Courses over Algorithms and me working on my best project yet: Hooded! Long-time readers will remember Hooded. It was a failed 2D Platformer I programmed more than a year ago in C++. It was the game I always wanted to make. The idea was essentially: A 2D Platformer with Fluid Movement Semi-Smart AI Multiple levels where you get too acquire new swords with different stats (RPG-ish) A Smart / Reusable Interface (A pygame engine) So, I've completed the first bullet, completed the third bullet, and completed the fourth bullet. The caveats are: I made it easy to add in new levels and swords (Swords are just a new image and two lines of code, levels are a few lines of code and actually *making* them. There aren't multiple levels because I'm just trying to get everything else done before I focus on content), and the AI just randomly does a different thing every 5 seconds. However, adding in new enemies is a piece of cake! Before starting, I also pinpointed what it was that made my first project to fail. Canonically, it was; Lack of Experience. A misunderstanding of programming good and extendable interfaces. Not having a whiteboard. Not having two monitors. Not having a good computer. So, I learned Python and spent a year remaking other games. I read some new books about programming and took an algorithms course. I got a nice whiteboard behind my desk. I felt ready. I got started. I still wanted to blog about my progress, however unlike last time I wasn't going to make 8 posts where I'd done practically nothing. I programmed the game for 1-2 months before making this post. Without further ado, here is hooded (Don't mind the programmer art, or the fact that my microphone makes me sound very weird): Video! I just watched the video and I sound 12 years old. The joys of laptop microphones :(! What do you think about Hooded? Do you have any ideas that I can implement. Once I add content, I'm going to be fairly content with it (See what I did there)!
  4. superman3275

    Advanced Python Part One: List Comprehensions

    This really was meant to be an introduction, not to cover every single aspect of list comprehensions.   Nevertheless, I'm going to edit in a link to the python Documentation on the subject.
  5. superman3275

    Redesigning an Old Game for Mobile Platforms

    Great journal. It's always interesting to see what projects others have been working on. Cheers :)!
  6. superman3275

    Advanced Python Part Two: Utilizing Recursion

    [quote name="wintertime" timestamp="1374501191"]This reads like a sales pitch throwing together a few examples and unproven claims to support the wrong idea recursion was always better and faster than iterative approaches and would reduce complexity of any and all algorithms to O(n log n) or even O(log n). It just cant be true.[/quote] And when did I say that?
  7. superman3275

    [Development] I've made Pong and Breakout in Pygame!

    You just need to run it again. The ball's speed is randomized somewhat, and I can't completely make it random and make it never be slow, so just running the game again will give you a new (hopefully faster) ball speed.
  8. Breakout is finished (programmed in Python + Pygame)!
  9. superman3275

    [Development] I've made Pong and Breakout in Pygame!

    1) Well, my collision isn't the best...   2) That has never happened for me. I think that it just looks like they change color.   Thanks :)!
  10. superman3275

    [Development] I've made Pong and Breakout in Pygame!

    Isn't an executable better :0!   I'll put in a screenshot soon.
  11. Well, I did it. Pong and Breakout in pygame! I'm not putting Pong up, it was hacked together and I'm not very proud of it. I am, however, putting up Breakout! I coded a finite-state-machine, a basic button GUI system, all of my states, the paddle, the ball, the bricks, all object-oriented with beautiful pygame! And everything is completely commented, with classes having long documentation strings. It comes in at a little over four-hundred lines, and the executable is here: BREAKOUT ! And the source (along with the executable file and setup.py): BREAKOUT SOURCE ! I am very proud of this code. It looks (and feels) beautiful, and I can't wait to work on some more games (I see space invaders in the future!). I'm going to eventually write a source analysis and talk about it more, however it's pretty late and I should probably get to bed. See you guys tomorrow ! And I'm back! That was some good sleep! So, I made a video of the game! And I'm really happy with how it turned out! I'm working on adding more levels as we speak ! A Few Hours Later - And I'm back! I'm actually uploading the files in the morning, however there is now: FOUR AWESOME LEVELS! SOME BRICKS TAKE TWO HITS, AND IF THEY ARE HIT A DIFFERENT TEXTURE (BROKEN BLOCK) IS DISPLAYED! MAPS ARE AWESOMELY GENERATED USING EITHER A LIST COMPREHENSIONS OR TRADITIONAL FOR LOOPS! COLORS ARE RANDOM! THERE IS A RANDOM MAP, A PYRAMID MAP, AND A RAINBOW MAP! THERE IS A MAIN MENU! THERE IS A GAME OVER SCREEN! ONCE YOU COMPLETE A LEVEL YOU ADVANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. IF THE BALL GOES OFF THE SCREEN YOU GO TO THE GAME-OVER SCREEN! I believe it is finished! Have fun :)! NEXT PROJECT: SPACE INVADERS, SUPERMAN3275 STYLE!
  12. superman3275

    The Profit Potential of the Niches in App Development

    This isn't really helpful for someone who wants to make games. You basically said "You shouldn't make a game, you should make a gambling app so that you can make more money!", while most of the people here make games because of passion, not because they want to get rich quick.
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