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  1. How do i make a level with tiles?

    Yeah i know now how to intergrate the tiled maps now just asked for difference to make sure i picked the right language to start with and to use in the futer for programming. Also for future reference what would you suggest i use for making 3d games? could i still use sfml or will that be too difficult also i heard of Unreal Dev Kit and heard that borderlands used it but when i used it, it wasnt much programming with c++ at all it was just making a map much easier without me inputing code which i want to.
  2. How do i make a level with tiles?

    Thanks guys i have found a way to use tiled map editor in a c++ program it was a precreated class file and header file and im using that. sdl does seam easier, what is the difference between sdl and sfml.
  3. How do i make a level with tiles?

    Yes that was what i was thinking last night, as that will be a valuable skill and a great skill for a game developer/programmer.
  4. Help with splitting new files.

    ok thank you, i have used google alot for sfml 2.0 because i have to but there are some thing which i cant find on google or at least dont have the time to spend looking for or i am just not a good googler , forums are my last resort and i use google a lot for programming. Also there is one more thing which i have been searching the last half an hour. I will post tomorrow if i cant find anything for it. its 11 where i am so i have to sleep have school tomorrow. thank you fot the help so far really appreciate it. If i could i would give you +1 rep
  5. How do i make a level with tiles?

    i tried that before but did not understand how to install tinyxml and didnt understand it much. i am talking about the level.cpp and .h i will take a look again and try to understand it but on the weekend i dont have that much free time.
  6. Help with splitting new files.

    i am using this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4cSJ5beVJM&feature=BFa&list=SP0249162D5D6FA5D1 but some of the code i cant do in 2.0 or atleast dont know how to. These are the tutorials i am using to make my first game.
  7. Help with splitting new files.

    getSize(). height didn't work it wasn't a member but it allowed me x and y would x be width and y height or are they completely different?
  8. Help with splitting new files.

    thank you i just didnt understand it much, also thank you soo much for the amazingly quick reply!
  9. How do i make a level with tiles?

    i have already seen [url="http://www.gamedev.net/topic/622801-sfml-tile-maps/"]http://www.gamedev.n...sfml-tile-maps/[/url] and don't want this. i recently made a map using "tiled map creator" but it is only one layer will i need more than one? if so why(just so i know when to do it)? I am completely new also i am using SFML 2.0 not 1.6. The 2nd post helped a bit. Also just some background info. I am 16 and started learning c++ in july and have finished a book and online tutorials, i will still have to go over it to understand it better. I am learning at home as i am in school still doing A-Levels if you know what that is. I am completely new to SFML but i am picking it up quite quickly. This is just a little project that im doing so i can build a strong and solid base before i go to uni in 2 years time. plan to go into game development. sorry got a bit sidetracked. so once again i have built a map using "Tiled map creator" i am just using one tile but has one layer , i dont know if i need more, if so tell me. i want to know how i can load that map which is in a weird format into my game using sfml 2.0.
  10. Help with splitting new files.

    Thank you for the reply guys. Sorry but i don't know why it didn't show the includes. I am not hiding them and i thought i posted them something must have gone wrong. I have given up and have started from scratch as I thought it would make life easier as i could modify it. Would you suggest i stop using namespace std and just start putting std::... for practice. I used for the reason you posted. Bit lazy . I am a newbie and learn best from experience. I just started SFML right after learning c++. i learnt c++ in 2 months so I still dont understand somethings and hope to understand through practice. I am 16 so i have a lot of time left. Also could you help me with some thing else, its a small thing or should i start a new thread? the problem is this if (velocityX != 0 || velocityY != 0){sourceX += tempTexture.GetWidth() / 4; } , how would i do that in sfml 2.0 as there is only a option for .getSize() and i cant divide it by 4.
  11. Hi, I am using C++ and SFML2.0 and c++ Visual 2010. I want to make a level out of tiles but do not know how to. So far this is what I have done. I got 1 tile type and i am putting it together in photoshop to make a map. I then separate each string of tiles and put them manually into the code. So for one map i will be making over 30 Sprites and turn them into blocks and draw them out, then i will have to make boundaries for them separately. This takes a very long time and i am sure that there is a much faster way for example using xml but i don't know how to put that into the code. If you need the code just ask and i will post. Also just to clarify i dont want to make a tile engine which automatically makes them like minecraft. I want to make a puzzle map like bloody trapland so I will have to place them myself. Please help, urgent.
  12. UDK for beginner

    so de we need to know c++ for this as i want to become a game programmer. I know a bit of c++ already.
  13. Hi, I am trying to organize my coding but i keep getting errors, could someone help me? i am using one file which is the Main file and everything is in there i want to become more organized for example i want a file with logic, one with levels ect. but i keep getting errors need some help. this is the code. [source lang="cpp"]//Libraries #include <SFML/Graphics.hpp> #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <SFML/Audio.hpp> #include <SFML/Graphics.hpp> using namespace sf ; using namespace std ; //Object for the events Event event; //Global variables, functions, classes //C++ program entry point int main() { //Variables //Variable that keeps the Game loop running bool play = true ; //Mouse Co-ordinates bool mousecoordinates = false ; //Movement Variables bool dPressed = false ; bool aPressed = false ; bool wPressed = false ; bool sPressed = false ; int xVelocity = 0; int yVelocity = 0; //Action Variable bool spacebar = false ; //Mouse bool leftClick = false ; int mouseX = 0, mouseY = 0; //Creating the window RenderWindow window(VideoMode(1280, 720, 32), "SFML Game") ; //Setting the framrate limit to 60 FPS window.setFramerateLimit(60) ; //Background Texture background; if (background.loadFromFile("Pictures/Background.png") == 0){ return 1; } //Shapes Colour Texture Shape; if (Shape.loadFromFile("Pictures/ShapeColour.png") == 0){ return 1; } //Character Texture Character; if (Character.loadFromFile("Pictures/Character1.png") == 0){ return 1; } Texture texture; texture.create(40, 45); Sprite sprite1; sprite1.setColor(Color::White); sprite1.setTexture(Character); sprite1.setPosition(70, 635); //Levels //Level 1 part1 Texture Level1a; if (Level1a.loadFromFile("Pictures/level1 part1.png") == 0){ return 1; } Texture leveltex; leveltex.create(1280, 40); Sprite level1a; level1a.setTexture(Level1a); level1a.setPosition(0, 680); //Level 1 part2 Texture Level1b; if (Level1b.loadFromFile("Pictures/Level1 part2.png") == 0){ return 1; } Texture leveltex1; leveltex1.create(40, 640); Sprite level1b; level1b.setTexture(Level1b); level1b.setPosition(0, 40); //level 1 part3 Texture Level1c; if (Level1c.loadFromFile("Pictures/Level1 part3.png") == 0) return 1; Sprite level1c; level1c.setTexture(Level1c); level1c.setPosition(0,0); //level 1 part4 Texture Level1d; if (Level1d.loadFromFile("Pictures/Level1 part2.png") == 0) return 1; Sprite level1d; level1d.setTexture(Level1d); level1d.setPosition(1240,40); //Font Font font; if (font.loadFromFile("Fonts/ariali.ttf") == 0){ return 1; } //Sounds SoundBuffer JumpBuffer; if (JumpBuffer.loadFromFile("Sounds/jump.wav") == 0){ return 1; } Sound Jump; Jump.setBuffer(JumpBuffer); Jump.setVolume(20); //Music Music sidewalk; if (sidewalk.openFromFile("Songs/Sidewalk.ogg") == 0){ return 1; } sidewalk.setVolume(50); sidewalk.setLoop(true); sidewalk.play(); //Render Shapes RectangleShape background1; background1.setSize(Vector2f(1280, 720)); background1.setPosition(0, 0); background1.setTexture(&background); //Text Text title; title.setFont(font); title.setCharacterSize(100); title.setString("Bearumper\n"); title.setPosition(0, 0); title.setColor(Color::Blue); Text credits; credits.setFont(font); credits.setCharacterSize(50); credits.setString("by Rishan"); credits.setPosition(0, 150); credits.setColor(Color::Blue); //Game Loop while (play == true) { //Events while(window.pollEvent(event)){ //When X is pressed the game closes if (event.type == Event::Closed){ play = false ; } if (event.type == Event::KeyPressed){ if (event.key.code == Keyboard::A) aPressed = true; if (event.key.code == Keyboard:) dPressed = true; if (event.key.code == Keyboard::Space){ window.setKeyRepeatEnabled(false) ; Jump.play(); spacebar = true;} } if (event.type == Event::KeyReleased){ if (event.key.code == Keyboard::A) aPressed = false; if (event.key.code == Keyboard:) dPressed = false; if (event.key.code == Keyboard::Space) spacebar = false; } //Mouse Position if (event.type == Event::MouseMoved){ mouseX = event.mouseMove.x ; mouseY = event.mouseMove.y ; } if (event.type == Event::KeyPressed && event.key.code == Keyboard::F1){ mousecoordinates = true ; } //Music Pause if (event.type == Event::KeyPressed && event.key.code == Keyboard::F2){ sidewalk.pause(); } //Music Play if (event.type == Event::KeyPressed && event.key.code == Keyboard::F3){ sidewalk.play(); } } //Logic //Movement if (dPressed == true){ xVelocity = 5; } if (aPressed == true){ xVelocity = -5; } if (dPressed == true && aPressed == true){ xVelocity = 0; } if (dPressed == false && aPressed == false){ xVelocity = 0; } if (spacebar == true){ yVelocity = -5; } //Move sprite1.move(xVelocity, 0); sprite1.move(0, yVelocity); //Collision if (sprite1.getGlobalBounds().intersects(level1a.getGlobalBounds()) == true){ sprite1.move( -xVelocity, 0); sprite1.move( 0, -yVelocity); } if (sprite1.getGlobalBounds().intersects(level1b.getGlobalBounds()) == true){ sprite1.move( -xVelocity, 0); sprite1.move( 0, -yVelocity); } if (sprite1.getGlobalBounds().intersects(level1c.getGlobalBounds()) == true){ sprite1.move( -xVelocity, 0); sprite1.move( 0, -yVelocity); } if (sprite1.getGlobalBounds().intersects(level1d.getGlobalBounds()) == true){ sprite1.move( -xVelocity, 0); sprite1.move( 0, -yVelocity); } //Print to console if (leftClick == true){ cout << "Shoot" << endl ; leftClick = false ; } if (mousecoordinates == true){ cout << "Mouse x: " << mouseX << " Mouse y: " << mouseY << endl ; mousecoordinates = false ; } //Character //Rendering window.clear(); window.draw(background1); window.draw(level1a); window.draw(level1b); window.draw(level1c); window.draw(level1d); window.draw(title); window.draw(credits); window.draw(sprite1); window.display(); } //Clean Up window.close(); }[/source]