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  1. Check Out This Awesome C++ Lesson

    [quote name='Cornstalks' timestamp='1353632933' post='5003350'] [quote name='Alan Greenspan' timestamp='1353631940' post='5003349'] Wow. You're funny. Not. [/quote] Wow. You're funny. Not. @OP: I appreciated it [img][/img] [/quote] You've got to be kidding me, this sounds like a joke some tween who just started learning C++ made to his friend who knows nothing about programming.
  2. Check Out This Awesome C++ Lesson

    Wow. You're funny. Not.
  3. Any idea when Wyvern will be back up?

    Seems like it's been down forever, can't even get on the website anymore. What gives?
  4. 9/11 Never Forget.

    [quote name='Dynamo_Maestro' timestamp='1347418264' post='4979149'] EDIT: Originally I assumed (and this is purely from the link) that this wasnt as bad as the article made out to sound, simply because the news site was unheard of and popular sites were yet to report, I wish this were the case and that things were exaggerated but it is not I will leave the vid here simply because it resulted in the events and if you watch it you will probably be wondering "how can such a crappy video provoke so much evil and anger, resulting in the death of innocent people" [/quote] And you wonder if Americans deserve what they get.
  5. 9/11 Never Forget.

  6. Any of you suckers buy FB stock?

    Maybe the best way to think of stock investing is like social security on the open market: A well orchestrated ponzi scheme. Here's a video that might get you more on the right way of thinking for investors:
  7. Any of you suckers buy FB stock?

    Really this is all pseudo-investing. Notice that you are all valuing the stocks in dollars. FIAT dollars that we have today aren't backed by anything, so all stock is essentially worthless and that is why all stocks eventually go to 0 value. The only way to preserve and grow your wealth (without getting lucky and gambling in the market) is to invest in something of value, like precious metals or real estate. Things that have consistently kept value for thousands of years. Look into silver, it has tons of applications in industry and has nowhere to go but up. Or you could go with a standard approach and buy gold -- REAL money with REAL value that has never lost value.
  8. How do I make a game?

    [quote name='jbadams' timestamp='1347326371' post='4978751'] Python was used for EVE Online and Toontown Online [/quote] Sorry, but Toontown? Really?
  9. How do I make a game?

    [quote name='Servant of the Lord' timestamp='1347246238' post='4978463'] You could start with Python (here's the Beginner's Guide). I hope you find it very enjoyable! It may seem confusing at first, but stick with it through the confusion, and it'll get very enjoyable (and more challenging) as time goes on. [/quote] Why would I use a language I've never heard of? Minecraft is living, breathing proof that Java is the best way to go, am I wrong?
  10. OpenGL The "best" OpenGL/.NET wrapper?

    In my limited experience, I'd ditch the OpenGL and go for the library Terraria uses. Clearly it does something right.
  11. Need a 2D game topic for a book

    A sort of Terraria-style platformer would always be a good way to show how a GOOD game is made.
  12. Apple wins over Samsung: thoughts?

    Apple may have won the battle, but I heard Samsung's paying in nickels. +1 for the small guy.
  13. Actually, he's called the federal reserve chairman. [img][/img]
  14. How do I make a game?

    Hey folks. I've had a lot of free time lately so I've been playing amazing games like Minecraft and Terraria, which have inspired me to make a game of my own. I was wondering how a passionate video game fan like myself could go about "crafting" some games. (See what I did there? lol). I have a lot of great ideas for truly EPIC games and want to start applying them to a sort of sandbox style game like the ones I mentioned. Thanks a ton, Alan (PS I didn't know what topic prefix meant so I went with the one that sounded coolest.)