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  1. Greetings people, I need to find out a solid workflow to export an animated file of type .X using maya, max, blender, etc I tried using Pandasoft and 3ds Max 2012 but I get the same error everytime "Input model does not contain a skeleton" the .x file does have record of the bone and the matrices yet I get the same error. I'm in desperation mode now, I have less than 2 weeks to finish my bachelors final project and I don't have a single animation. Thanks
  2. .X files help

    Greetings everyone, I've been working on a video game some other peers for our school final project; My task was to learn different 3D software and model every asset and animated character in the game. So I've used Maya 2012, 3DS Max 2012, Blender, Mudbox and Zbrush. Now the problem starts when I try to export the models to our Xna project, I need to export them as a .x file but EVERY time I try to do this I get an error with MS visual studio. Currently I'm trying to use Max pandasoft exporter (it the one that has worked the best so far), but to no avail. When I export the model with animation to the game engine I get the same error : "Input model does not contain a skeleton". I revised the .x file itself and I do see the bones in the stored data, I even tried to code the root bone manually in the .x file, but no matter what I do I get the same error. Could someoe plz help me a bit, I would greatly appreciate it. It has been 4 or maybe 5 weeks of this and our deadline is SOON! Thank you