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    Cuban Piano Song

    Don't you ever hate it when you hear a song, but you just can't remember what it was called? Sometimes I wish there was some kind of search engine that allowed you to scour the web for a song that you know the tune to, but don't know the name of. But anyways, my friend played Buena vista's social club's Pueblo Nuevo song, and I recognized the tune -- is that song a derivative of a much popular piano piece from Cuba? If so, what is its name? Cheers
  2. Cipher3D

    Am i the only one who hates MySpace etc etc?

    I hate Myspace. Mostly because of the people from my highschool. But I agree, it's so large, you're bound to come in contact with a ton of... undesirable stuff. But I like Facebook. Much more control over your Network, I would venture to say that it's more "mature" - becauase of the community that uses it (mostly college kids). Not to so that college kids are that mature - they're more mature than high school kids, that's for sure. Myspace and Facebook and so on are great concepts. What "ruins" them (whatever that means) depends on the people who uses them, the policies that they have, etc. Cheers, Henry
  3. Cipher3D

    Large-Scale Fast Fog-of-war

    Use different units? Instead of 10,000,000 Bobs, use 1000 Monkeys, where 1 Monkey = 10,000 Bobs.
  4. Cipher3D

    Desktop Screenshots! =)

    Crazy_Vesey - what theme are you using?
  5. Cipher3D

    Desktop Screenshots! =)

    Yeah. :-). Go Alizée! And it's awesome that she's working on her third album now. Okay, enough OT :)
  6. Cipher3D

    what song is this?

    You are absolute genius, thank you.
  7. Cipher3D

    what song is this?

    Good idea. I don't recall. It just sounds like a tune I've heard on in a commercial. And probably heard in an elevator.
  8. Cipher3D

    what song is this?

    yeah but I've heard this song before on TV and such.
  9. Cipher3D

    what song is this?

    I know he calls it "Elevator music",.... but what song really is it? here
  10. Cipher3D

    Beautiful Pictures

  11. Cipher3D

    Learning/perfecting the French accent?

    stimarco: That's amazing. But I'm guessing that you are one of talent, one in a million (or a hundred thousand).
  12. Cipher3D

    Learning/perfecting the French accent?

    True, I wouldn't mind having a slight English "twang" ;) (I have no clue how the English sound to the French. Crude? Vulgar? Monty-Python-esque?), but I would definitely like to be as close to the "real" thing (if there's such thing as a "standard" French accent) as possible. At least, be able to pronounce those damn "r"s correctly.
  13. Cipher3D

    Learning/perfecting the French accent?

    the same etymology with that of "four score"'s, I suppose.
  14. Cipher3D

    Learning/perfecting the French accent?

    I share your sentiment. I have been taking Spanish for about three years now and I realize I still know next to nothing. Like yours, I've been only learning pithy phrases that would barely get a tourist around, and most likely garner me strange looks. But I decided to learn French on my own, so a week ago I started. It's a fabulous language (in my opinion), and the only thing I'm thankful for in Spanish is the large amount of concepts that stay the same between the two languages. I've been sort of obsessive about it, and according to my friends, I probably know more already than half the people in French 3 class (but I don't think that means much). So now I'm just wondering if I can develop a fluency that would allow me to ,well, live comfortably with the French (I'm planning to live there for an extended period someday). By "living comfortably" I mean to be able to become a part of their culture and society, and not be marked as "the outsider". And I recognize that learning French on my own will do nothing for my pronunciation, but that isn't a problem for me now, I'm only focusing on reading.
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