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  1. C#/XNA help

    So I got one C#/XNA game built in a class at college that I would like to add to my e-portfolio. The game works fine here with no compiling issues. However I would like to distribute the game through my e-portfolio without sharing the source code of the game. I did some reading around online and it seems like I need to publish the game. In Visual C# 2010 Express I select "Build -> Publish <project name>" to build a setup.exe file to install the game. I tried installing this on another machine to see if it will work, and it seems like that machine would have to install XNA from Microsoft's server. Would this be the best way to distribute my game? My e-portfolio is a blog that people can visit and download the games I made. I'd rather not just upload the entire project but just the game itself so people can play with it.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm Voltano, a new game developer but not so new to the world of programming. In a way I'm kind of a game developer since I was a kid (though not that good, as I learned over the years). I started getting into programming in my Sophomore year of High School. I started with BASIC on my computer via self-teaching and then realized I could use a similar programming language on my CASIO graphics calculator at school. I was able to build a simple combat engine for "Dungeons & Dragons" in my calculator with my skill. From there I have started teaching myself C++, until I started taking official classes on the language at BGSU Firelands. Now I consider myself experienced with C++, C#, and ActionScript, with the ability to pick up any new language quite easily. I guess my career with game design started before I typed on a keyboard. I loved my Super Nintendo console but I couldn't afford any games for it. But I had a lot of great ideas for games while playing the few I could try out that I made my own paper & pencil RPGs in my youth. Today I still do it as a hobby. I haven't published one yet, but it has made me do research on what paper & pencil RPGs I could obtain (mainly Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, and Pathfinder) to craft my own game. As of right now I'm still experimenting with making video games, though I have made a few in my college career. I've recreated Think-A-Dot and Asteroids in Flash via ActionScript, and Klax in XNA. Right now I'm currently working on a graphical roguelike game in XNA and just scheming of what to do with the AI. I have a blog where I write up articles on my thoughts of the game industry ([url="http://gamescientist.blogspot.com/"]The Game Scientist[/url]), which also has a link to a few games I made. I'm hoping to find a place where I can offer downloads of my games so people could try them out and see my work instead of a screenshot for now. Right now I'm still in college finishing my last year, getting a bachelors degree for Computer Science. I'm interested in any kind of work if anyone needs a programmer. I reside in Ohio with my family, so if there are any game developers in this area I would love to hear from you. Thank you for reading my long introduction post!