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  1. I would like some sample code which demonstrates how can I modify a DirectX 9 texture. I have a texture, like a billboard, and I would like to draw on that. I already looked on google, on different gamedev sites etc. haven't found a working solution. As a texture quad, here's a sample: [url="http://www.drunkenhyena.com/cgi-bin/view_cpp_article.pl?chapter=2;article=30"]http://www.drunkenhy...er=2;article=30[/url] If I try to modify the loaded texture, whatever I try (UpdateTexture, UpdateSurface, different D3DUSAGE, D3DPOOL, etc.), it crashes (with the much telling D3DERR_INVALIDCALL error). I need explicitly DirectX 9 (not openGL), and possible without the usage if D3DX (like D3DX sprites). Thanks, ElfQT