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  1. Well there goes #facebook. Appears to be down.
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  3. Quick UDP Questions for D!mb@sses

    I'm just wondering if this is possible. In my testing, im seeing a lot of packets lost. Because of the insane amount of packets being sent per second, I'm wondering if this is UDP blocking i've been reading about? Could it be something else? CPU usage is down, so is network usage. It only comes up when sending a 60 byte packet to 20 people each second.
  4. Quick UDP Questions for D!mb@sses

    The messages I'm sending in this case are really combat only related messages. So I guess I have to ask myself if a message like that doesn't get there,  "Is that even a problem?"   In these messages, i'm just sending "Player A Fired Weapon B", and small data related that that projectile.   I'm already sending "Player Died" via TCP, so that should be ok.   So let me recap: The UDP Server Receives a Message It then relays the message 5 times to 1k people (We're looking at two different loops, one apparently large, scary stuff to me) And I need to make sure the Server's connection can handle that. I'm certainly worried about how long it'll take to go through a loop like that. But from what I've learned in this topic, it's the only way when dealing with UDP.   Let me know if you have any additional thoughts, and thanks again for the eye opener.
  5. Quick UDP Questions for D!mb@sses

    Hey thanks for the link and the tip about the MTU Limit. Would you happen to have any links that describe how to: Detect that a packet was not Sent. Send another one after such an event. Basically the whole idea of how to deal with "Packet Loss" in UDP in general. (C# Preferably)   I read somewhere that you can include a number in the packet, some kind of ID number.   I do appreciate the clarification on this. :)
  6. Quick UDP Questions for D!mb@sses

    So I'll more than likely need a way to Authenticate those packets, so I think you're right, a Client/Server model is the way to go anyway. Thanks for the wealth of information again StarbaseCitadel. Will really help me to make a great game.
  7. Quick UDP Questions for D!mb@sses

    Hey StarbaseCitadel,   Thanks for the in depth responses. Will really come in handy going forward.   Quick Follow Up: My application is relatively small, the largest packet is about 100 bytes. I don't see it getting larger anytime in the future. If each room has about 1,000 people (I know, unlikely), and I send that packet each second, that's about 781.25 Kbps right? Is it fair to assume most clients should be able to handle something like that? Or should I shift my focus to a dedicated server. Clients send their signal once to that server. And that server does the relay/loop?   I guess my question is at what point should a UDP Dedicated server come into play?   Thanks,   -T
  8. What open world games did right in 2012: http://t.co/YEZRtJkL
  9. I've been doing a lot of reading and research on UDP as opposed to TCP.   My problem is how to UDP Multicast. So I just have a few straight forward questions I'm hoping anyone can help me with. Q1: UDP Multicasting only works on Local Networks, there is no way to "Broadcast" clients over the web. Correct? Q2: If I can't Multicast, then my only solution is to have a small database of users, and loop through their IP Addresses and send a packet one at a time to each client over the web? Q3: If I have to do this loop solution, then I have to keep an eye out for CPU usage and network usage? Q4: People say a dedicated server is not needed for UDP in any case. Is this correct?  Let me know if I'm missing something important in my quest to experiment more with this protocol.   What i'm trying do to [DotNet/C#]:   Have 1k users divided by 5 or so different broadcast rooms, (Like a chat room). And users in their specific rooms receive their messages without using a broadcast loop.   Since Multicasting only works on Local Networks... there's my new obstacle.   Thanks in advance for the help!
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