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  1. Want to join java project

    wow, that sounds really cool! Thanks! "Open source project" I'll look it up on google.
  2. Personally I'm extreemely impressed by Blender. It's free and it has more functionality than a commercial product today like 3D-studio (you can easily just add free plugins for things you'd normaly have to pay large sums of money to get if you used a commercial product.). Most importantly it's fast and it has a lot of community support. You can also find free official videotutorials on their homepage. I'd recommend you get the program here: http://www.blender.org/ and the best videotutorials to start with here: http://cgcookie.com/blender/get-started-with-blender/
  3. Want to join java project

    Hello. I'm learning Java right now. Started for realsies like six months ago. I've been in 3D for over 12 years. I know lots of math (university level, first year, linear algebra, calculus and so on) and physics. I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for things to do in programming so I was hoping that there might be some project out there that I might join. It doesn't have to be games. All I want is like, "Hey, could you make a class with methods for figuring out these things?" and "I don't understand your commentary, make it clearer!" and "The names for methods usually use these conventions, please rename!" or "There's a bug in your code, find it!" and so on. Reason I come to this forum is becouse games are closely related to what I already have a lot of experience in. And my dream is to one day be able to make procedural graphics; making rocks, trees, clouds, water and terrain out of formulas. I know a lot of it can be made in theory. Thanks in advance! And appologies if this is the wrong forum!