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  1. School project - develop a game

    Thanks for all the answers. After our today's meeting we decided that we want to use an engine/library. We recognized that writing an own engine is too difficult. Currently, we have two ideas how to go on: - using Java with a library like slick/LWJGL/JGame etc. - using C++ with the focus on OpenGL We had a long discussion about which way to go - the result: we get stuck. Which way is (viewed objective) the best? Some of team are afraid of the quality of the graphics (particles, shades, lighteffects), if we take Java. I think, slick/LWJGL/JGame sufficient for our purposes and doesn't look too bad. I hope you can help us - as I said, we are totally new to the game development.
  2. Hi, First of all: Sorry for my bad english. Three of my friends and I want to develop a game as a school project. We want to make a kind of 2D jump 'n' run. We first thought about using Java, because one of the team and I have some experiences with it, but we decided to use C++, because it's the main programming language to develop games and there are many engines and APIs (we are afraid that the time [9 months] ,which we have for the project, isn't enough to develop an own engine. So we wanted to have the chance to use an full-fledged engine in case of need). Moreover the school-computers aren't very powerful, so we expected that Java doesn't really run smoothly on them. I started to learn C++ 1 week ago - I practice 2-3 hours a day with the help of a book and I think I can control the very basic fundamentals in some days. But we don't know how to start such a project. We're two 'programmers' and two 'graphic and leveldesigner', we have enough ideas for nice features and a good gameplay, but we really don't know how to start. We want the graphics look like 'Super Meat Boy' - or is that a too ambitious target? We haven't enough experiences to plan what we can realize and what is too difficult. Do we must write the engine first, or is it better to use a full-fledged 2D engine (which can you recommend?)? Can two hobby-programmer develop a complete (and good) 2D jump 'n' run game without using an engine? Is it generally possible to create something like this for two C++ newcomer like us? We are willing to invest much time (2hrs and more a day) and some money for the project. I hope you can help and give us tipps and suggestions - we really need help by some experienced people. Thanks for reading ;) If anything is still uncertain, let me know it. - I hope you could understand my english ^^