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  1. Matrix solving program

    Hello everyone. I was starting to make a program to solve the determinant of any nxn matrix.(just for the practice) I was wanting to use a class so I could practice using them. My question is should I use a data field for the size of the matrix and were would I start making my array (which i think would be the best way to make a matrix). I know I need to declare my array, I'm just not sure exactly where I should do that. Thanks
  2. Learning Java

    First off, thanks everyone for the advice, and sorry it took me so long to respond to my own post (school is crazy this semester). Verik As for what kind of games I am interested in making. Really anything and everything, but 3D for sure just because the gaming industry is where i want to work in the future and if i can start making 3D games while still in school ill get some good experience. Thanks again for all of yalls advice.
  3. Learning Java

    Hi all, I am looking for a good book to start learning java, and would prefer it to be available on the kindle but if not that is alright, so that i can begin to program in that language and then start using it to program games. I know python and c++ and currently still use both, so i do have some basic programming knowledge and don't need a whole beginner book. Thanks
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