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  1. C++ Plugin Debug Log with Unity

    Good to know, but I'm always surprised to see people write c++ plugin for unity. Is it for gain performance ? Or it miss some important feature in unity ? (Or may be just you doesn't like c# ... ?)
  2. Thanks GuardianX,   I'm starting making some test on unity3d ( I've some shader problem but I think it's the solution too.
  3. Ok,   If I understand well, there is only one terrain mesh with a ground texture + a grid texture on it ?   That I'm not understand is why the grid recover some stone over this ground ?  
  4. Hello,   I'm looking for some tips to reproduce a grid like this screenshot (take from Blackguards       If someone has an idea ? I thinks the grid is made by procedural generation, but I don't know how they can do to follow the terrain like that.   Thanks for any answer!