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  1. Hi, I am thinking about trying to implement a prototype of pathfinding that could work with large 3D worlds (a huge terrain) which contains obstacles (trees) and complexe buildings (with a lot of stairs, ladders, and can have a lot entrance doors (see the picture)) I have found a lot of informations for the plannar case but not when there is an [u]huge terrain[/u] [b]AND[/b] a lot of [u]complexe buildings[/u] (stairs and ladders at different levels) I already did a A* on the 2D ground (and I can handle terrain obstacles) but I have no idea how to extend the pathfinding to take into account complexe buildings which have complexe connections. Moreover, because i want to have a huge map, i do not want to store too much precomputed paths/nodes. -So, how is problem is (well) handled in games ? And you, how do you do (or would you do) ? -Is there one ultime strategy or do I have to perform two different pathfinding and link the solutions ? (for instance A* + navigation mesh?) -If it is the case, have you some advises about how to make the link between the different strategies and about the choice of the algorithms ? -Are there some solutions from robotic which could work in real time with a lot of instances ? -How do you deals with "action required path" like "use the ladder" or "jump over the hole" or "try to climb the wall" ? Thanks you all