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  1. Online 2D RPG project

    [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=5][sub]Raknet is a good choice for networking and the commercial fee isnt too much from memory.[/sub][/size][/font]
  2. Html5 Isometric engines

    Thanks Riscii, Isogenic is what we are testing currently to see if it can be integrated nicely with Tiled. Hey love that web-gl test model. I actually was thinking of using Web-GL the other way around. 2D environment with 3D characters on top. Allowing the characters to have a high polycount. I wouldn't mind keeping a tabs on your progress!
  3. These are html5-Javascript based 2d engines with full cross-platform support. Worth checking these out: [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url]
  4. Html5 Isometric engines

    500+ Views and no replies? I get the feeling theres not a whole lot of development done with Iso Html5 games yet.. So does anyone have any opinion on the current Html5- JS engines out there? Impact-js seems like it has a big community and support, and Melon and craftyjs have fairly good support. Can anyone share thier current experience with any html5 development or js engines?
  5. How do i make a level with tiles?

    Hi, Have you looked at Tiled Map editor? Its a free tile-based map editor with open-source. It has integration via xml and .Json I believe. [url=""][/url] Not sure if it will help for your game though.
  6. I'm a game artist by trade but I'm looking to speak to a coder that has some experience with Html5 game dev, specifically isometric based canvas support. Ive looked at Isogenic, Crafty and melon.js but none of these seem to be tried and tested in the isometric department. I am wanting to use the Tiled map editor with a html5 canvas. Melon seems to have some basic support for it however I'm not sure how usable it is at this stage.