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  1. 2d game background and level art

    I was thinking hand-drawn as in literal real life hand drawn. So really the levels and background must be done by a program such as Adobe Illustrator... Are there any less expensive products that I can use?
  2. 2d game background and level art

    Thank you! Specifically for a megaman-ish sidescrolling platformer...
  3. I have googled, so please don't refer me to google. haha. I have a character already as a sprite. I was wondering how people generally create entire levels and bacgrounds for Flash 2d games? Are tiles generally used? Is the background hand drawn?
  4. Flash Games

    [quote name='Legendre' timestamp='1348055626' post='4981645'] Have you tried Adobe Flex? IMHO following a tutorial to make a basic shooter is the best way to start: [url=""]http://www.kongregat...lete=shootorial[/url] It just takes a few days to carry out the steps. And there are lots of support on Newgrounds and Kongregate forums. Once you have done that, the world is your oyster. [img][/img] [/quote] Ahh... see I do not believe fla files can be created in Flash Builder. I am assuming the Flash Pro is a necessity..
  5. Flash Games

    What do you mean? Do you mean use the Adobe Flex language? or are you referring to another program..
  6. Flash Games

    For Flash games, how should I begin learning? I'm assuming as3 is the best route. Should I use Flash Professional CS6? I have a student copy of FlashBuilder 4.6 and have attempted to learn to code with it, but have found it nearly impossible as it seems to be the secondary product with Flash Professional being primary... Any help accepted!
  7. Actionscript 3 and Flashbuilder;

    However as I am looking through that page it seems as though this is for Flash Pro... can these methods be used in Flash Builder without creating a .fla file?
  8. Actionscript 3 and Flashbuilder;

    Thank you! I've been searching for an answer to this question across the internet for days on end now, and you are the first person to provide a layman-answer.
  9. Flash Builder << 2d Sprites

    I have searched around the site and can not find any tutorials... I don't understand what "tweening" is either. I suppose this is because I am a complete beginner to game developing.
  10. Can I create a 2d sidescrolling game using actionscript3? How do I get sprites onto the stage using Flashbuilder? Do I add my character sprites to a folder?
  11. As3;

    I am beginning to learn actionscript 3 coding by using it with Flash Builder 4.6. Before I continue, I want to know if it is possible to import character sprites into the "game","code","as3","flash builder"... whatever you want to call it. Can I import sprites and sprite sheets and use them in as3 coding? (i.e. sprites for a 2d game..) If there are certain sprites and spritesheets or programs I have to use to create these sprites or file types that must be used in order to be compatible with Flash Builder 4.6 or as3, please let me know. I apologize for not understanding much of the syntax or lingo of as3 just yet. If this question is hard to follow I understand.[img][/img]
  12. Hey all! I apologize if this is the incorrect forum or even the incorrect question to ask. I have Flash Builder, and I want to make 2d games. I understand that I will need to learn actionscript3, which won't be too big of an issue I don't believe. However, I am unsure how I can make 2d sprites and import these sprites into the game (yes make; feel free to point me to libraries, but I want to create original work). I have heard that and gimp will work, but I don't understand how to get from these to flashbuilder and implement them into the as3 coding. If there are any tutorials or places to point me, feel free to point away.