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  1. Unity Unity basic vs unity pro.

    Ah alright. I just wanted to make sure there wasnt anything lacking in basic that would hinder us from making game features and stuff. I personally dont have much exp working with game engines so that comparison list did me no good lol. This is all of our first times trying to make a more legit game than like 2-3 week school projects.
  2. Not sure if this is the right section to post this but anyways. A few of my college grad friends and i want to start development of a game for the new ouya system coming out next year. We have chosen to go with unity as it seems to be one of the best 3d engines for the android platform. Now my question is, for a 3d first person puzzle game involving some physics, would having unity pro really be worth it? Or is basic good enough? Just wondering, for kickstarter purposes, due to the massive price difference for unity basic+android (400$) vs unity pro+android pro(3000$). Also we dont have an ouya dev kit yet and will get it after console release. Will we be able to make the game as if for an android phone and just swap over the controls once we have an ouya? Never done anything without having the sdk before. Thanks for any and all help/advice. Its very appreciated.