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  1. XNA to C++

    I caught this kind of late, but I wanted to say something. I've seen this question asked once or twice a week on this forum for as long as I can remember. The answers are always the same: "It's all the same. Just go with what you like. It'll be viable in the future." Well my answers to that are no it's not, no you shouldn't, and no it won't. There are some very good XNA games coming out that have been in development for a couple of years. However, if you’re going to start a game from scratch right now it would severely limit you to go with XNA. One big reason is because XNA will have no future support. Yes there will be support from the community to keep it alive, but you can do much better with an alternative. If you already have a game you've created with XNA and your deep into development then I can understand staying with it. Also, yes C++ is a pain to program with and learn, but there is a ridiculous amount of support for it out there and it will always be viable. There will always be support for it, there will always be a highly active community developing it, and most importantly, you have direct control over your game! How many times have you had to find some crazy workaround in XNA to get something to work that is akin to duct tape because you couldn't get into the code and make it work the right way? Anyway, it's a great language to learn in order to get into game design, especially 3D. However, I can't say it's a very good framework to stick with. Before anyone says anything about XNA being a framework, not a language, I think C# itself is a good language to program business apps with. But the level of control is not there for game development unless you are just going to keep it as simple as possible. Just my opinion. I know it goes against a lot of the devs here. But I have a question to you guys. Do you program in XNA? If not, would you start? If you were going to start developing with no knowledge of XNA or C++ would you choose XNA/C# or C++? I’m guessing the majority wouldn’t with good reason. Thanks that’s all I’ll say. Like I said this has been in my Google news for years and I just had to say something after all this time. Thanks, Chris
  2. C# and C++

    This is a really good question and a lot of people are asking it now that Microsoft has been completely silent about the future of the premier C# game programming framework, XNA. I wracked my brain for weeks a few months back on whether or not I should go C# or C++ for my future projects and I decided to stick with C#. I honestly haven't reached any computational limits with C# on rendering, collision detection, or animation yet that would warrant me going to C++. I probably will never go C++ at this point considering I don't have a team of programmers to even come close to creating a complex enough game to warrant the need for the level of tweaking that C++ gives you. I guess if you actually plan on pursuing a career in game programming for a large studio then you might want to go C++... I think if you want to just making something cool and don't want to quit your day job doing it then go C#. Personal opinion though.