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  1. Pathfinding, and pixelmovement

    Thanks for the tutorials ^^
  2. Pathfinding, and pixelmovement

    Hello everyone! I am Scalytank, a Hungarian developer from Serbia. English is not my native language, but i will try my best ^^ I currently develop a game with ika (uses python as script language) I have a working tile based engine, and a pathfinder. However, i want to switch my game, to pixel based movement, And pathfinding. Now i have this issue.. My game will utilize an action battle, with usually 3-4 enemies at once. I need some theory about useing A* node based pathfinding, with pixelmovement. My game will consist of 40*40 pixel tiles. Enemies will have 32*32 size, as boundary boxes ,and no bigger. (at least there will be a 100*100 big object, but that wont utilize pathfinding.) I dont know really where to start. I have this logic, that the enemy will check for the tile where the player is, and that tile will be the middle of the players boundary box. Then he will follow a route to the player, and when he hits a wall, or something, he moves to the center of his tile, and continue his route. (So for example, he is off centered from his tile, because the movement is not gridlocked, and this way ,he can reach other tiles obstruction) And the pathfinder will mark every tile as obstructed, if any of the objects 4 boundary points are on that tile. If there are someone who made this before, I would appreciate any help given. Thanks for your time ^^