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  1. Digipen questions

    yes rtis is more intense and it has a *higher hiring rate than most of the programs and will lead to better jobs than the bsgd (most likely).
  2. Digipen questions

    also if you get that gpa up and take a couple years of college, under some conditions they dont check your SAT's. I did running start and got my AA when i graduated highschool. So when i applied they said they didnt need my SATs because of my college experience. I would encourage you to inquire. and good luck, looks like i wont be meeting you before i graduate. Unless you live in the redmond area, in that case we should go get a beer.
  3. Digipen questions

    Hey there, im a junior in the rtis program and i may be able to help you out. So i have had to go through this a few times, i started in 2010 so i pay about $250 less per credit so let that sink in when i give you these estimates. No, most people dont receive scholarships, most people get something called the parent plus loan. You yourself will probably be able to get 4 or 5k in direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans. if you are a washington resident and you apply early, you may be able to get the washington state needs grant. i have gotten it every year. first year was around 5k. last year around 8, then with cutbacks, i was initially not able to get it this year, then just last week they gave it to me, but only 5k. say you snag a couple k for your pell grants and then theres still the 20k problem left over. Thats per year. and thats where the parent plus loan kicks in for you. Your parents and you sign for a whopping load. and then you work your ass off for 4 years and get a good job, or you are totally fucked. Unless your parents are loaded and can handle that sort of thing, but i doubt you would be asking here if thats the case. If you are serious, talk to your parents, try to get accepted, and talk to financial aid directly. Its no good worrying about if you wont get accepted, so do that first, shouldnt be too hard. They take a lot of local people and they have lowered the bar to let more people in to the bigger campus. Good luck, any other questions and id be happy to answer.
  4. Representing player classes in c++

    Do you know much about component based architecture? im new here myself, but in everything i have been taught and everything i have actually made, component based architecture was superior to an inheritance model. Unless you are making a few very simple game object classes, you will want to make components and then tack them on to your game object. And the player controller would be one of them.
  5. Digipen rtis junior here. I haven't given you the proper respect of reading your post thoroughly. But heres the short of it, if you dont want to work, and i mean work, a lot. We don't want you. Obviously the specifics for what that means changes between the different programs, but across all of the different disciplines here, it is expected that you will work. 8 - 14 hour days usually. Im here 8:30 am till midnight every day. So im sure if you called admissions they would say all sorts of wonderful things about how great it is here and how they would love for you to visit the campus, but lets cut to the chase. If you dont want to work, or if you want a lot of free time, or if making games isnt your life's passion, then dont waste your time, because the rest of the students dont want you here anyway.