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  1. What role does 'canMove' have in this? if you set canMove false in your controller so it early outs on FixedTick what is preventing the animation of the ybot child object from continuing and moving it away from its parent?
  2. xexuxjy

    GameManager destroyed error

    You could maybe follow the route that the Rewired Unity System uses for it's input manager (http://guavaman.com/projects/rewired/docs/InputManager.html) , allowing you to have it in multiple scenes for testing, then for real game have it in the 'start' scene and load other scenes persistently, keeping the same references. I did something similar for my GameManager state.
  3. xexuxjy

    Managing .java Files in Eclipse

    You can also have multiple eclipse java projects and have some projects reliant on other ones, which can be a good way of structuring things as well.
  4. xexuxjy

    Vulkan 101 Tutorial

    Incredibly detailed and covered lots of annoying gotchas that you could waste a long time tracking down. Many thanks.
  5. xexuxjy

    Sony C#/.NET Component Set Analysis

    Out of interest if you do something like :   ProgressError = ProgressError   at another point in the code where the ProgressError property has some more logic in it's get/set methods would you still get an error as that could be a 'valid' way of triggering some behaviour?
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