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  1. xexuxjy

    A 3D engine that doesn't render...

    If you need .NET compatibility, I ported Bullet Physics to XNA a while back, (https://github.com/xexuxjy/bullet-xna) , or you can use a c# binding such as Bullet Sharp (https://andrestraks.github.io/BulletSharp/) . It should do pretty much what you need and doesn't expect any form of renderer, though you can attach a simple debug renderer for testing.
  2. xexuxjy

    How do I render bullet physics height fields?

    you should be able to find a directx implementation of btDebugDrawer , if not it's easy enough to write one (I did it for XNA), as long as you implement the methods in the interface then bullet will do all the drawing for you (not just heightfields)
  3. You'd do something like this :   Menu names : Fee    = &Fee Fi        = F&i Fo         = F&o Fum     = F&um   or whatever you like really - it's just there as a convenience and the ampersand is the shortcut key. You don't have to have it at all which may be easier if menus are dynamic.
  4. It just provides an automatic shortcut key so you can do alt-f (in this case) to open the menu.
  5. xexuxjy

    Extract assets from an old windows (1998) game

    It's worth looking at the Xentax forums if you haven't already as they have a good list of tools and expertise in reverse engineering formats. I started there when I worked on extracting the assets from Gladius.  No harm in putting your code on github to look at.
  6. xexuxjy

    Vulkan 101 Tutorial

    Incredibly detailed and covered lots of annoying gotchas that you could waste a long time tracking down. Many thanks.
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