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  1. A* pseudocode

    Can anybody provide me with the pseudocode for A*? I've been trying to learn from tutorials, but found them to hard to follow.
  2. I'm making a Indie game, and I want to have an option to bring up fullscreen. I can't really use OpenGL because I have already coded most of the game, and transferring to OpenGL would take A LOT of work. So, could anybody please tell me how to have a fullscreen option in Java without OpenGL?
  3. C++, should I switch?

    In my opinion, you shouldn't really *switch*, learning more languages will just expand your job opportunities, and also solve solutions to other languages problems, and vice versa. For example: C++ has an issue with cross-platform compatibility, like if on Windows you write it, you have to write it differently for Mac, and Linux. Java solves that problem. "Write once, run anywhere" Java has an issue with how you have to download a JRE, and install it; plus, Java is not RAM friendly. C++ runs off the OS it's running on. Also in my opinion, Java is more effective than C++ because Java is MUCH more easy to learn than C++, therefore making it a great beginners language, next to Python; and Java includes it's own graphics and GUI libraries.