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  1.   This probably covers every single engine that's worth writing about.   As it is for a thesis surely you have to make assumptions/conclusions based on a set benchmark? Unity is great and covers almost all of your requirements, plus there is tons of documentation/tutorials/demo/prototypes to learn from too.
  2. My personal approach in learning new tech/programming languages is applying the knowledge you have to problems/tasks you care about, rather than reading through crap loads of text/tutorials, as I find I don't overcome legitimate problems on my own and I then have no need to remember how to fix them. I think, certainly from a programming/development point of view, actually [b]DOING [/b]is going to go a longer way than just beating around the bush about it. As far as the future of C# is concerned, XNA is still a great platform, firstly to express/learn/experiment, but to also to [b]just get stuff out there[/b]. You are in a good position to start off in bit of Unity too... Worst case scenario, you don't go into games specifically (and earn more / work less hours in some cases ;) ) Encapsulating Yoda, [b]just do[/b], [b]enjoy[/b] what you [b]do[/b], be [b]passionate[/b] about it and show it off! Hope that helps