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  1. Loading resources location.

    Got it fixed with some help from the guys at #reddit-gamdev on freenode irc. I had to type "./resources/bat.png".
  2. Loading resources location.

    Too bad, I can't figure this out. This is what I have:     You can also see the error I get on the bottom.
  3. Loading resources location.

    Thanks for the detailed answer. I will try this out today and tell you if it worked :)!
  4. Rating Code(Pong)

    It would be easier if you just posted your code here or on pastebin.
  5. Starting a game in Java, ideas on where to begin?

    So I guess a library or sdk will do the graphics thing for me or at least make it easier? Also would you know if that could be implemented for android if a library is used or would that be library specific?If you are going to use slick2d you have to keep in mind that it isn't going to work on Android, so if you really want that look for another library. Because this is the first game you are making its better to just focus on getting a game working and worry about making games for phones, like android, later.
  6. Loading resources location.

    Let's say I am making a game using Slick2d and eclipse and have a file player.png which I want to load. I have 2 folders: one source folder and one resource folder. How would I do this, where should I put the resource folder?
  7. Starting a game in Java, ideas on where to begin?

    Well I am not just looking for libraries, I wondering if it would be a good idea to use just java instead of libraries to make a game. I am asking this because I want to know how much harder is it without a library or sdk to make a full game.unless you know really much about graphic hardware and stuff, it's really hard to make a game, library or engine. And yes, java is a good language!
  8. Starting a game in Java, ideas on where to begin?

    If you look around on the Web I am sure you can find some good libraries for java. I recommend I don't know if it will work on Android, but I know it will work on Windows, Linux and OSX if they have java installed.
  9. cant start eclipse.

    Try installing 32bit jdk
  10. Staying motivated.

    Thanks everybody! All your comments will help me for sure! I have no time to respond to all of you now, because I have no time at the moment. Just wanted to let you know I read all your comments!
  11. Staying motivated.

    I really want to be good at game programming, but I keep getting distracted. Any tips?
  12. Game instantly quits.

    Turns out the variable quit did not initialize properly, so it got a random value which was always true, because only 0 is false I think.
  13. ... that there is an excellent tutorial... The catch is, it's written for VS 2010, and I do not believe SFML ships with 2012 binaries (or even 2010!) so that adds a gigantic barrier of entry for new developers. I am fairly certain 2012 and 2010 are not binary compatible, meaning you need to rebuild the C++ libraries ( like SFML for example ) for each different version. Maybe one of these days I will download and install 2012 and make a compatible project available for the tutorials. If you search on the site, there is a post about building SFML, but at this stage it might be a bit beyond what you want to do.That's not a good tutorial at all, because it uses an outdated version of SFML.
  14. What do you mean with putting it on a website? Do you have to be able to play it on a Web browser or do you want people to download it from a website?
  15. Image Loading problems

    He double posted this topic, in the other one are replies already.