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  1. Hi all! My name is Matt Collins, I recently joined this site. Just wanted to give a tad bit of an introduction, I've always been into music. Loved it since I was little, and recently this summer I took it to a more serious step when I bought some oh-so legendary EWQL libraries =P With that software I started writing actual orchestral pieces, and I looked into writing for games. With some luck I got on board with about 5 projects. 2 of those projects would later get cancelled, but the other 3 I stayed with to write the soundtrack to their games. The biggest one being a deep space strategy game known as Sidius Nova coming out for iOS this fall =) So, those projects were the things I tackled during the summer, and just recently I got on board for writing for a short film as well. I always loved writing music, and for years I just wrote as a hobby, it was great. It would be a dream to actually write the soundtrack to a game. This summer provided that dream to be fulfilled and more then once. I fully intend to keep on pursuing this dream of mine and hopefully it will get me somewhere in the future. I really look forward to keeping up with this site and hopefully get to know some of you guys. If you like you can also always check out my site here: http://www.mattcollinscomposer.com/ Thanks all =)
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