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  1. OpenGL OpenGL Not Rendering Models

    Thank you all for your help, creating a Vertex Array Object fixed the problem. It's actually sad that I had to spend so much time figuring out what the problem was.
  2. OpenGL OpenGL Not Rendering Models

    After browsing some forums I found out that nVidia enforces the use of use vao + vbo with 3.x. with the new drivers. The problem is that I don't know what VAO is or where I should use it , I am already using VBO if you guys can help by pointing me in the right direction on how I should use VAO I would appreciate it very much.
  3. OpenGL OpenGL Not Rendering Models

    This function is called in the rendering loop, and I have two error checks before and after the function. [source lang="java"]CHECKOGLERRORS; glVertexAttribPointer ( ... ); CHECKOGLERRORS;[/source] I am not sure what the last parameter should do and how I could change it because I think that's the problem.
  4. OpenGL OpenGL Not Rendering Models

    After checking for OpenGL errors, I managed to pinpoint the problem to this line of code : [source lang="cpp"]glVertexAttribPointer ( 0, 3, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, (void*)0 );[/source] which is the vertex attribute buffer. It just says "inavlid operation".
  5. Hello, I have an issue with an "engine" that I "wrote" , the problem is that the 3D models are not rendered (.obj) , and this only occurs on nVidia graphic cards ,I only tried on GT 220, and GT 430, I also tried running the application on an ATI video card and it has no problems, also the shaders are compiling correctly. The OpenGL context is actually initializing cause I can see the glClear color. If you guys can help me with any information about his problem , or if you encountered this before please help. Thank You!
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