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  1. Mo' Mentum Beta

    Greetings! I found a major flaw, which I'm sure was used for testing purposes or something but really shouldn't be in the playable online version; pressing down makes you fly fast & high [img][/img] It's a nice game though, good graphics, pretty smooth controls, nice basic sound. Small suggestion though; in the beginning, where it counts from 1 to 5, it would probably be better if it counted from 3 to 1, takes a little less time and make a little more sense (no offense intended of course). Best wishes, Dennis
  2. Asylum Master Press Release

    Ok this has some interesting potential...wonder what the actual game looks like, and by that I mean the two screenshots are both menus right? Demo on October 15th...I'll keep an eye on the topic, as I assume you'll be posting it here when it's available.
  3. Plazma Being - Beta

    Greetings! It's an excellent concept, but like mikeman said; the controls need work. They feel stiff and slow. The slow part is easy to fix; I suggest making it move as fast as it does when you're holding shift, but then without holding shift [img][/img] As for making them smoother, well...trial and error I suppose. You'll find a way. Other than that it just needs more levels, but as time progresses I'm sure it'll get more. Have you thought about creating an easy to use level editor? That's the type of option that can make games like this flourish and build up a dedicated community. Best wishes, Dennis
  4. Profit Motive: A Business RPG (Version 4.0 Is out now!)

    Hey Sage, Pretty sure it was just a lack of sleep. No worries, the game is solid so far. Makes me want to go back to doing pixelart again haha. Best wishes, Dennis
  5. new dragon x-2 a turn based fantasy/post apocolyptic rpg

    I suggest , it uploads to multiple sites so if one turns out to be slow at a certain time people can try another. And I don't understand why you delay putting up screenshots or a video by weeks because of another project...putting up screenshots takes like 5 minutes or less...ah well.
  6. Skate King: A skateboarding game for iPhone, iPad, and Android

    This looks and sounds very good, but the controls could make or break this game. So I hope they will be smooth and programmed well. I don't have an iPhone, but fortunately I do have an Android phone and would love to try this when a playable version is available. I see you've reached your goal on indiegogo, congratulations! Any idea on when a demo version will be available?
  7. Profit Motive: A Business RPG (Version 4.0 Is out now!)

    First things first... -Excellent informative post -Great looking graphics -Very nice looking website -Pretty fast download You got me excited to try the game before it was even done downloading, you've already impressed me without having played a second of your game. As for the game; I enjoyed it untill the first customer. The intro was good, all the sprites look great (reminds me of when I used to sprite years ago), the music and sound effects match everything well, but at the first customer after losing 5 times I lost interest. Might also be because I've got a 13 hour workday behind me but yeah...didn't see any other customers with a star above their head to engage, so I closed the game. Some ideas/suggestions/etc: -Before it started the window was black for a moment. You may want to put a "loading" message there. -No other suggestions at the moment really. Looking forward to seeing how this game progresses and turns out.
  8. new dragon x-2 a turn based fantasy/post apocolyptic rpg

    I started the download, but cancelled it.I wanted to be helpful by downloading it, playing it, then post a few screenshots here for others to see along with my opinion of it. Why didn't I? Find a better file host, this is 2012, I do not enjoy waiting 45 minutes for 128 mb. If you're working on a website, host the file there... Sorry if that seemed blunt, but if you want people interested in your project, and you're lacking screenshots, at least make the file easy (/fast) to get.
  9. Etharnion - 2D RPG

    Greetings! Just spent some time playing your game, it looks nice. Unlike slmgc, I haven't found a bug (though I could go "bug hunting" if you like), but I have got a few suggestions/ideas for you.[list] [*]It would be easy if inventory items could be 'dragged & dropped' into the quick launch bar. [*]I suggest not letting the quest and inventory screen take over the entire game screen, or perhaps making them a bit transparent. [*]Add some blood/liquid to corpses [*]Automaticly pick up coins when you walk over them [/list] Just a few thoughts