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  1. Digipen questions

    I meant the quarter or two to get my gpa up to par so that i can try to apply and get accepted into digipen 2 years would be great but there is no programming classes of any type at my local community college and im screwed as far as paying for digipen because of my unique circumstance i emailed fafsa.gov about it thought we ll see.
  2. Digipen questions

    from what they tell me if i find myself liking the over programming side more the classes are so similar the first 2 years between the two that i can transfer into the RTIS program now i just gotta figure a miracle to get it paid.
  3. Digipen questions

    I wanna do the BSGD there i heard rtis program is ubber intense more so than the normal super intense clases there
  4. Digipen questions

    yeah im 20 i screwed around to much in school because of personal issues but technically im considered independent by ward of the court but my grandmother is my legal guardian from what i can tell i have to be dependent to be considered for parent plus loans I live in p town ha i tried to go last year but then this whole financial mess stopped me now im trying to build credit for a private loan from wells but it seems theyll be stopping that soon as well....the fin aid department at digipen i dont rem her name i think she was asian but anyways basically told me if i cant pay i cant pay lol wasnt very useful at all.
  5. Digipen questions

    nevermind again im screwed.
  6. Digipen questions

    never mind answered my question thank you i didn't think parent plus loan could be signed by anyone willing
  7. Digipen questions

    im probably going to have to take a quarter or two at the local community college first before i can get accepted i was already told that just because my high school gpa was below 2.0 (had a lot of issues in school that ive fixed) and since my SAT was 1500 not above 1700.
  8. Digipen questions

    how do i get a parent plus loan if ive been on my own since 16 can a guardian sign for it?
  9. Digipen questions

    I would highly prefer to go to Digipen over other schools for the overall experience and that ill be surrounded with people with similar goals. I got the run around from fin aid so i gave up both the school district superintendent and the state advocate both highly recommended I go there if my true passion is game design, none of the banks do school loans in the bank itself around here, and parents aren't a factor. im just seeing if there is people that have gone there or do go there that know any options i have for paying other than to somehow come up with 25k in scholarships every year i know its possible i just dont want to rely on that. I mean if i cant i cant ill go to UW if i have to just not my first choice.
  10. Digipen questions

    Basically I want to go to Digipen I live in the area and their program to me seems perfect. I have been to the campus a few times now and understand the commitment I will have to give to make it at Digipen. With that being said I've contacted admissions and email the financial aid department several times but my question is how do the students pay for tuition, room and board. From what I can tell you almost cant work and go to that school at the same time.I have also looked into the fin aid thing and there is a limit to what they cover even if i qualify for maximum fin aid its like somewhere between 10k-15k per year and Digipen is 40k with living included. Do most people really just get scholarships to cover that much expense? Another thing is not one bank lends to Digipen anymore so private loans isn't even an option unless i am mistaken.