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  1. Setting up SFML in Code::Blocks

    I finaly figured it out! All this time it was my fault, i think. First i dind`t instal minGW and i think that was the bigest problem!
  2. Setting up SFML in Code::Blocks

    It didn`t work Tried like 3 times, nothing!
  3. I have tried lot`s of tutorials about setting up SFML library, but none of them havent helped me. So i was wondering if anyone could explain me what you need and what to do, so it would work! Im using CodeBloks 10.05 and i want to use SFML 2.0!
  4. Loops in C (si)

    Thank you ! It helped! [img][/img]
  5. Loops in C (si)

    i have code and it`s makeing a loop even when expression is true here is the code [source lang="plain"] int main (){ char name[10]; char answer ; do { printf ("Chouse your Username\n"); scanf ("%s" , &name); printf ("U chouse %s.\n Do you want to leave it? (Y/N)" , &name); scanf ("%s", &answer); } while ((answer != 'Y')||(answer != 'y')) ; getchar (); getchar (); return 0; } [/source] could someone help to describeing the problem?