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  1. c# help

    thanks khaiy
  2. hi i need some pointers on how im coding please dont bash me because im sort of new to c# and please for the love of god dont throw me off what im doing im new to c# but not new to programming ive programmed in c# been praticing it for two months c++ done that for a while visual basic pascal ada ruby my very first language python i hate the language ones im going to learn soon assembly BASIC sql xml advanced c# more c++ powershell unix unix isnt really a language its more a enviroment with commands i have to go back and edit my code but there are some crucial points that i need some guidance 1 story mode (i may need to edit it ) example using my stuff Vec.sprite( kyurem ) // do you need the file extension and the name Vec.sprite( health bar full ) // vec sprite is a function i created based off the book the actual script for it isnt posted here new = player(); new = darkknight(); string = "dark knight: you come so far but now its your end"; string = "cestus: you wish !!!!! go to the abyss"; // now this is where guidance is required if darkknight health = 0; { string = "well done traning complete" // now this i think might not be right Vec.destroy kyurem(); new = grathpeak(); } 2 weapons public class daegith_blade // i made this class public so the game can use this in like a shop { private int attack = 90; private string skill1 = "corrosion blade" Vec.sprite( daegith blade ) } vec sprite and vec destroy are functions i made based off the book and have their own individual CS files 3 battle this is only a section of the player script keypressEnter { new = sword(); collis( enemy_instances ) }
  3. c# help

    could someone take a look at my code and please give me a few pointers thanks i didnt mean to troll
  4. c# help

    hi guys i need some help whenever i compile code like this it comes up with random errors and i followed the book of ron pentons properly class lexington { weapon = lazarus revolver armor = military uni level = 70 } now i get these errors ; needed undeclared variable which is strange because i have declared it thanks
  5. im not too skilled with java but why would you put the null value when your displaying text usually when I display text i do this string "hello user welcome to windows xp" or i do this mind you i rarely do this system.write "hello user" i think thats how it goes but i do know how to create strings but i do understand that this code your using is java mine is c#
  6. hey guys i have a question my c# game is coming along but i have a question could you use a window app made with c++ to run a c# game and somehow chain the two together using some code i want to do this because i dont have visual c# but i have made a window app thanks
  7. c# need help with libary

    im not that new to c# but anyway thanks for your help
  8. hi guys i have been making a libary because i have been sick to death of using game maker i need help with a few things with the stealth in the game libary how do i make it so it goes up as you get closer to the enemy is it like step MUL +1 i have been using ron pentons book to make the libary but instead of making the GSS3k im making a platform like rpg and how do i make it so that when ever you pick a character the player becomes that character do i make like a dummy class or use some sort of variable and how do i utilize the functions on the keyboard i tried to make a function called keypress example keypressEnter keypressQ and how on gods earth do i make a collision like when a projectile collides with a oncoming foe or when the player jumps off a building and hits the ground and how do i make it so you can save the game by the click of a button mind you im quite new to c# if you want i can give you my code to look at to give you an idea of what im making
  9. i will have the website up soon and i will make a video today and try to post it tommorow wait guys expect a delay it might be a few weeks before i get anything up because ive got a project which im not talking out its secret so yeah
  10. [quote name='Thoughtzone' timestamp='1348609311' post='4983753'] I started the download, but cancelled it.I wanted to be helpful by downloading it, playing it, then post a few screenshots here for others to see along with my opinion of it. Why didn't I? Find a better file host, this is 2012, I do not enjoy waiting 45 minutes for 128 mb. If you're working on a website, host the file there... Sorry if that seemed blunt, but if you want people interested in your project, and you're lacking screenshots, at least make the file easy (/fast) to get. [/quote] i dont know of any good filehosts besides all the fast ones you gotta pay for and also uploading can be quiet slow as well and the website provider im using cannot host that much in data its limited and i dont have 200$ on me well look at least its not an hour if you know a file host any good let me know but it has to be free and can hold enough data otherwise ill post up screenshots
  11. alright then main characters malik von krahzer age 23 class warrior weapon longsword malik is the games main protagonist alongside the hero the hero age 18 class any weapon any the hero is you the person who changes the fate of history of the nuclear war maru krahzhin/scarface age 29 class zanbuto assassin/ninja weapon katana maru is maliks childhood friend he is a cold blooded ninja who helps malik kill off the evil leaders zamadne age 32 class shin ryu warrior weapon mage mashers zamadne is the protector of valvagon city and assists malik in his quest to stop the nuclear war vivi age 20 class black mage weapon rod vivi is the master mage of the academy he aids the heroes in their quest as well he acts like raiden from mortal kombat ace kunagiri age 24 class agito soldier weapon explosive cards ace is born a agito soldier he helps malik in battle by calling his classmates to battle storyline its 10000 ad on zatayeon a dragonic planet the urge to have the best equipment has evolved into a post apocolyptic war the world is in crisis only you the hero and your allies can save it and put an end to the war and destroy the darkmaker gameplay the game is top down and as said its a turn based game so theres turn based battles in the full version factions are present the player can explore realms level up and combat there are classes in the game theres a character creation in it as well this does have a system of pvp in it as well which i will post a video soon for it ill need time to explain how its done zatayeon is the great continent which has all the realms this game has themes from other games like fallout,final fantasy,the elder scrolls,call of duty in like names of places stuff like that and theres some themes as said as well i cant add in screenshots here but ill post the site later on once ive got the basic stuff up the race is called dragonkin a human dragon hybrid they speak clear english and can do all the things a human can do except mate swords in zatayeon are still present despite the fact its 10000 ad theres also magic swords in this time period note theres lockpicking in the final version and the player can access eorzea the forest realm in the final version which opens up new doors in the game ask if you want any more info
  12. hey guys im new to this forum and i wanted to introduce you to my game that i have made note it is a beta the full version will be coming out soon so if you see things that arent finished dont worry this is only a beta and i hope you enjoy it if the game isnt to your standards please dont go flaming me about all its bad points alright because everybody has different standards thanks the game can be downloaded at http://www.filefactory.com/file/3kip4szawbwd the shop where you can buy the games is coming soon ive just gotta fix up a few things as i said i hope you enjoy it if you want something added in tell me ill add it in as DLC please dont go saying "oh your game sucks" thats your opinion thanks again
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