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  1. Do \n etc. Count as one character?
  2. What language does what?

    I would not suggest starting with Java. This is mostly because of the lack of community. I suggest you start playing around with XNA (C#). I know (and you should as well) that XNA is not so good option for actual game development anymore(if it was in the first place), but is still a great platform to learn with! This is because the game loop(s) and content management are already handled for you so you can just drop in a couple of sprites and start moving them on the screen.
  3. A 2D online game design

    Highly depends on the game. If it is going to be a very competitive game (PvP), then you need to write a really strict server that holds collision and stuff like that (while ofc also calculating collision on client). However if it is a bit more loose, then I suggest to not even bother creating collision for the server or you could do some really rough restricted areas (kick player, teleport player)
  4. Unity Unity basic vs unity pro.

    Unity3D Basic has one major flaw, no shadows. You can't really expect anyone to enjoy developing something without shadows, it's like missing half of the 3D. Of course that's not such a big of a deal if you're developing for mobile devices or even something that's not exactly 3D. And of course you can render the shadows directly into the textures while creating the models, but I simply can not work in a 3D environment without shadows.