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  1. Also, this would have to be a major design implementation in a game, but I always liked the idea of having a political aspect to quests. Whether it is gaining favor with a specific group relative to other players, or by building your reputation as a politician yourself. For example, if you were tasked to champion a cause like creating a militia for an area. You can speak with key political figures to convince them with words (or money, or sword/gun) of why a militia is needed to oversee the people of Whateverville. Depending on the success and method of the persuasion, you could be an outcast, enemy of the state, or appointed as an advisor or lawful figure. What would be important here though, is that your outcomes shape your character.
  2. Personally, I've always liked quests that feel like a huge accomplishment when you finish it. Something large in scope. If you're familiar with vanilla WoW (I'm sure most of us are), the way you had to go through multiple quests in order to just gain entrance to Onyxia originally. That quest line, while frustrating at times, really was fun to do. You needed assistance from friends, it was something that didn't simply take 2 minutes to accomplish, you have a tangible reward afterward. Those are qualities in quests that I find appealing. It was something of a trophy. You could show other people your accomplishment. It doesn't matter that a lot of people had accomplished the feat. YOU accomplished it and it made YOU feel like you did something that mattered. You can't have every single quest seem so epic obviously, as it would lose it's luster. However, if you can sprinkle in quests from time to time that have large scope, I think it could really help with the quest fatigue that a lot of games suffer from. I know that's nothing new or ground breaking, but I think it's important.