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  1. [quote name='kauna' timestamp='1348621014' post='4983820'] Excuse me, but what is the point of using multisampled texture for terrain texturing? Cheers! [/quote] No point used in the terrain! The terrain only has one texture that is my rendergarget. The brush contain on quad mesh and a brush texture.All the brushs render with topview . And can therrin support many to any textures?Thanks.
  2. Thanks mjp. That is to say,multisampled render target can't be acess? I'm making a terrain editor,i want it support many to any textures (like unity 3d,how it do?). So,i draw the brush textures on a rendertarget ,then save to a texture used to the terrain. If the rendertarget is non-multisampled ,it is very vague.