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  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Sam from Fox Delta Games. I have made a post a while back, but now I will like to share new updates of my teams project Fox Delta Command.   Fox Delta Command is a tactical shooter, inspired by games like the original Ghost Recon, SOCOM US Navy SEALs, and a few others. The game will let the player use tactics by giving commands on the fly using hot keys, or using a tactical map display so the player can direct there team mates to better flank the enemy.   We been hard at work in the past year to get a prototype demo released. So far we have, and will like to share it with everyone so everyone can we have done so far. The prototype type dose not represent the final project of the game at all. There are a lot of bugs, and a lot of things missing, and the level that is used, dose not represent the level design the game will use.   We are using Unity Pro for the game engine. And Unity Tech. Have been generous to us by letting us use the Engine for the past few months to make a prototype demo.   We also have a Kickstater launched to help raise funds to buy Unity Pro. Like stated before Unity been nice to my team by letting us use Unity Pro, but those are only trail versions of Unity Pro, and there is a time limit on how long we can use it.   Please take a look at the screen shots And follow the link to our Kickstater page if you will like to help make this game come to life. There is video in the Kickstater page as well that goes into a little bit more detail on the project itself.   Please feel free to PM for any questions.   Kickstarter:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/foxdelta/fox-delta-command           http://youtu.be/teDf72D009U
  2. Hi everyone my name is Sam from Fox Delta Games. I am proud to show case a work in progress for our current project. Fox Delta Command. INTRODUCTION What is Fox Delta Command? Fox Delta Command (formally known as Under the Radar) is a third person tactical shooter. You will carry out operations in many locations, playing as a leader of a special forces squad that belong to Fox Delta Command; Which is a low key agency that the U.S. President or Secretary of Defense uses to carry out the operations that will not trace back to the U.S. or its allies. This game is heavily inspired by games like SOCOM US Navy Seals, Ghost Recon, and many more from the past. The goal of this project is to bring back those kinds of games we used to enjoy, and still enjoy from our younger years. We have noticed over the past years that the next generation gaming community and developers have lost its touch when it came to game that made you think, that made you take your time, that made you use tactics and if you happen to plan things wrong the mission takes a big turn and then you have a harder time passing each mission, or even failing immediately. FEATURES Some of the features that the game will have is the ability to use a tactical map, so the player will have a better look of the current situation and give command to his/her team. The player will also be allowed to give commands while in the main game by pressing the T key (Current default ke), that will bring up an interface that allows you to give commands that can range from “Fire at Will” to “Move to location”, which will tell the team AI to move to the position the player was looking at with his/her crosshairs/cursor. The game objectives and levels will be laid out in a way where certain actions will affect the mission, and that will determine how more difficult the mission will become, or even the failure of one. We also will build the levels so the player can use stealth and stay hidden from enemies, giving the player a tactical advantage. HISTORY For the past 7 months, we have been using Unity3D as our game engine. We have been very hard at work making Fox Delta Command. Currently, we have have finished a playable work in progress (WIP) demo so we can showcase what we have been doing for the past 6 months. That being said, there will be things that don’t seem right or even missing all together and a good number of bugs. The prototype demo mission is laid out in a linear fashion due to the amount of time we were given to use Unity3D Pro 4 for the past 7 months ( big thanks to some of the great people from Unity Technologies, but especially a really huge thanks to Kevin Robertson Unity Technologies) With the time allotted to us for Pro, we have just had enough time to make a level so the public can play, and a fairly simple mission setup that also acts as a test playground for almost every feature in the game. DEMO The mission objective for the demo is to take out a most wanted weapons arms dealer, it is said he is hiding in one of the 2 buildings near the location where you will be start the mission. It's a simple takedown mission that we have set up for the demo; So play it and enjoy! Again this is only a work in progress demo, a ton of things need to be fixed, and all features are suspect to change. So play the demo and let us know what you think!   We have our prototype demo located here Again we are still working on the project and we are going to update the project with many fixes and improvements. [video=youtube_share;ulcjLEqS3sA]http://youtu.be/ulcjLEqS3sA[/video] We are planing to do a Kickstater very soon, then after that we will start doing monthly updates of the project. so stay tuned To contact us please send send us a E-mail at contact@foxdeltagames.com You may also visit us on our web site at www.foxdeltagames.com Don't for get to follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/FoxDeltaGames   Thank you, Sam Juarez Fox Delta Games